Can followers use Bloodskal blade?

Can followers use Bloodskal blade?

Yes and no. Yes: There is a script on that weapon that fires the projectile when weapon is swung. there is imbued weapons on the nexus, it makes all the weapons shoot the Bloodskal projectile.

Can you disenchant Bloodskal blade?

No, you cannot disenchant the Bloodskal Blade.

What is the strongest two-handed weapon in Skyrim?

Stalhrim Warhammer Warhammers

Can you disenchant champion’s cudgel?

Enchantment. Unlike many other unique weapons, the Champion’s Cudgel can be disenchanted to learn its effects. It is enchanted with 25 points of Chaos Damage, an effect that has a 50% chance for frost, fire, and shock damage to be dealt, either independently, or at the same time. You may like this Is invisibility good DND?

Can you disenchant Dawnbreaker?

It is not possible to disenchant Dawnbreaker, or any other daedric artifacts, without the aid of a mod, or the presence of a large glitch. And even if it were a glitch, you would risk corrupting your save and/or losing a unique weapon, while the enchantment probably won’t be able to be placed on any other one.

Can you disenchant Daedric artifacts?

Daedric Artifacts can not be disenchanted. Black souls offer the same effects as grand souls. The most sure-fire way to get any absorb enchantment is to do the College of Winterhold quests far enough to gain access to Labyrinthian. There, every ghostly enemy has an absorb enchantment.

What level is Raven Rock mine?

Skyrim:Raven Rock Mine

Mine: Raven Rock Mine (view on map)
LevelMin: 30
Draugr, Frostbite Spiders, Skeevers
Important Treasure

What level should you be for the final descent?

Find out what happened to the great-grandfather of Crescius Caerellius.

Quest Giver:Crescius Caerellius
Concurrent Quest:Black Book: The Winds of Change
Reward:Leveled Gold, Bloodskal Blade, Zahkriisos, Word for the Dragon Aspect shout
Suggested Level:30

How do I start the final descent?

This quest takes place inside Raven Rock Mine. Enter the mine, and follow the passage. Inside are two characters having a heated discussion in the first room of the mine, Crescius Caerillius and his wife Aphia Velothi. Speak to Aphia first, and then to Crescius. You may like this Is Mace Windu in Battlefront 1?

Can you buy a house in solstheim?

Thankfully, there is one home available for ownership in Solstheim: Severin Manor, which the player receives after completing the “Served Cold” quest in Raven Rock. …

Which hold has the best house Skyrim?

The Best Locations To Buy A House In Skyrim

  • Honeyside (Between 5000 – 8000 Gold)
  • Hjerim (8000 – 12000 Gold)
  • Proudspire Manor (Cost: 25000 Gold)
  • Severin Manor (Free)

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