How do I unlock DBB?

How do I unlock DBB?

To unlock DBB, players would need to fuse DBB potential units with special fusion materials (Elemental Golems) earned by completing quests or by participating in our in-game events. Once the DBB is unlocked, players will then be able to create bonds with the respective Bond Partners and unleash the DBB in battle.

Where can I find DBB golems?

You can get Golems from the following Bazaars:

  • Exalted Bazaar – [25 Exalted Tokens]
  • Raid Battle Bazaar – [2500 Orebi Shards]
  • Brave Insignia Bazaar – [12 Brave Insignia]

How do you get exalted in brave frontier?

Exalted Tokens can be obtained by clearing the raid mission. Added Noel’s Experiment, one purchasable for 500 tokens, and another for 10,000 tokens. Battles of Brave Frontier 2: The Silver Knight released. Exalted Tokens can be obtained by clearing the Hard Mode dungeon.

How do you get light golems in brave frontier?

How to Obtain You may like this Can I tell if someone is tracking my phone?

  1. Event Bazaar. Limited Time Events. Brave Insignia – 9 Insignias. Raid Battle – 2500 Orebi Shards. Exalted – 25 Exalted Tokens. Omni Arcanum – 2500 Arcanum Tokens.
  2. Luminous Showdown Season 4 Onwards. Reach Worshipped.
  3. Frontier Spire – Sector 14 & Sector 27 Clear Reward.
  4. Daily Spin.
  5. Event Giveaways.

What is Elementum Tome brave frontier?

This tome of elemental power unlocks a hero’s potential within. With the right components, one can become a legend in their own right – or even more. Effect. This tome of elemental power unlocks a hero’s potential within.

What is Amber butterfly for brave frontier?

Amber Butterflies are evolution materials used to evolve Omni Frog into Omni Emperor, a fusion material used on OE+3 Rarity units to increase their SP cap by 5 points (Max SP cap is 130).

How do you get 130 SP brave frontier?

How do I get a unit to 130 SP? You have to reach Omni plus 3 with them and then fuse two Omni Emperors into a unit that is at Omni plus 3.

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