How do you fix a broken protectorate sword?

How do you fix a broken protectorate sword?

There are two prerequisites for the quest to repair the Broken Broadsword:

  1. The current character must have completed Fetch the Glitch Artifact. ( You can check completed missions in your Quest Log.)
  2. The current character must be carrying the Broken Broadsword when they talk to the Baron at the Outpost.

What is the most powerful weapon in Starbound?

The Protector’s Broadsword does the most damage per swing of any broadsword (when using it’s special) it’s also reasonably fast and has a flying slash effect when you use the special attack when you’ve already activated it.

How do you get a broken sword in Starbound?

Protector’s Broadsword is a powerful Tier 7 unique late game broadsword, which is the repaired and upgraded Broken Broadsword. It can be obtained from a quest that the Baron gives you at the Outpost, where he upgrades the sword using 10 Tech Cards.

How do you spawn broken broadsword in Starbound?

Broken Broadsword is a Tier 1 weapon and the starter broadsword obtained in the introduction mission….File Details.

Spawn Command/spawnitem brokenprotectoratebroadsword
File Pathassetsitemsactiveweaponsprotectorate

How do I get Asuterosaberu DX?

The weapon can be found as a reward from procedurally generated Tier 6 quests and chests. It seems to be especially common in Avian Grounded Villages. The weapon’s long description reads as follows: “An inscription on the blade reads, “High-five for expressing yourself!””

What is the best assault rifle in Starbound?

Plasma Assault Rifle is a Tier 6 Unique Weapon found as treasure in space stations and small ship microdungeons in space. The weapon’s primary attack shoots a three-shot burst of unique plasma projectiles towards the cursor that leave a visible trail of blue particles in a thin line.

How do I install Frackin universe?


  1. download from and
  2. find the files and extract the folder inside the zip(s) into your starbound directory/mods folder.
  3. launch game and enjoy.

How do you get carbon dioxide in the Frackin universe?

how do i get carbon dioxide? You can extract it from wooden logs in a handmill for starters. Coal works well.

Can a protectorate declare war on an alliance?

Protectorates are generally much more loyal to their protector nations than factions in an alliance. However, in very rare cases, protectorates may declare war on their protectors. This most likely occurs on the higher difficulties, and between two factions that have historically poor standing with each other (such as Great Britain and France ).

How does the Protectorate work in total war?

Protectorates cede some of their income to their protector nations, in exchange for a pledge from the protector faction to ally itself with it and declare war on enemies invading the protectorate and vice versa. Protectorates also automatically grant indefinite military access to their protector faction.

Can a faction ask another faction to become a protectorate?

Under normal circumstances, a faction cannot ask another faction which is already a protectorate to become a protectorate. However, should the nations be at war, then one nation becoming another’s protectorate can be part of the terms of a negotiated peace. No faction can be the protectorate of more than one faction at a time.

How much damage does a protector’s broadsword do?

The primary ability of the Protector’s Broadsword, the standard broadsword melee combo, has a base DPS of 40 and a 1x-damage fire time of 0.8 seconds (i.e. 1.25 1x-damage swings per second), producing a 1x-damage base hit power of 32. The alt ability unique to the Protector’s Broadsword, Empowerment, is a toggled ability.

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