How do you get rid of the sludge in your lungs in Fallout 76?

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How do you get rid of the sludge in your lungs in Fallout 76?

Consume cooked or canned foods. Use the Perk Iron Stomach to reduce risk further. Consume clean water (boiled or purified). Use the Perk Thirst Quencher to reduce risk further.

Can Crane be cured fallout 76?

You can either let him go, kill him yourself, or let Solomon kill him. Choosing any of the option will result in his death anyway. After Crane is dead, loot his body to get a map and a keycard. After obtaining these items, you will have to make your way to Gauley Mine.

What is the code to cranes treasure?

The code is 071990. I should plug that into the keypad and head inside the cage. That has to be where Crane’s treasure is hiding!

Where is the keycard for Gauley mine?

If you enter through the Gauley Mine exit, go to the right far side of the large open cavern. There will be a small area that is identical to the space marked on Crane’s map. There will be a cage nearby that can only be opened via a keypad. You may like this What is the difference between GERD and hiatal hernia?

What is the code to the door in Gauley mine?

To save FO76 fans a bit of time, the Gauley Mine code is 071990.

What is the CAGE code in Fallout 76?

Key Code to Unlock Gauley Mine Supply Cage The code is not random and as far as we know should always be the following: 071 990.

How do you use Polly’s head in Fallout 76?

Go down the stairs, clearing out the Scorched along the way, and then you should soon come across a robot head sitting on a workbench — that’s Polly. After you pick up her head she’ll let you blast powerful lasers out of her face, turning her into a helpful tool to mow down tons of Scorched while escaping the tunnel.

What happens if you give Polly a different body fallout 76?

Choosing Assaultron When you return, Polly will reward you with his old helmet. He has the body he wants and is pleased. It isn’t as funny as the other choices, but you also don’t get rewarded if you pick something else.

How do I get the Assaultron body in Fallout 76?

For the pristine Assaultron body, you either need to pick the skill 3 lock on the far side of the Handy showroom, or look on the left-hand side of the room. There’s a hole in the wall here which leads to an attic. In the attic, you’ll find a note. You may like this How do I change my hotmail address without losing contacts?

How do I get the Assaultron head in Fallout 76?


  1. One can be found at the Pioneer Scout camp, on a shelf in the archery range.
  2. One can sometimes be found on the body of a dead Assaultron.

How do you kill Assaultron in Fallout 76?

Mines are great since it focuses a lot of damage to their legs/torso. If there are other targets; go for the Combat Inhibitor, then just try to stay out of its way until theres one or two others left. Then take out the legs like normal. MIRV Fat Man to the everything should take them out pretty fast.

How do you earn gold bullion in Fallout 76?

How to get gold bullion in Fallout 76? You will need to complete the main Wastelanders story, which thankfully won’t take a long time, a couple of hours at most if you don’t get distracted. Then you need to talk to Smiley in The Wayward, which is just south of Vault 76. He will then convert caps into gold bars.

How do I increase my lockpicking skill in Fallout 76?

Because the Picklock perk card cannot be ranked up, the only way to increase the lockpicking skill is to acquire all of the Picklock perk cards. With all the cards collected, players will need to then equip all three Picklock perk cards to “level up” their lockpicking skill.

Which perk is for lock picking?

There are some Level 0 locks which anyone may attempt, but the basic Picklock perk, which lets players attempt to pick Skill 1 locks, is not unlocked until a player reaches Level 5. The Expert Picklock perk (for Skill 2 locks) is unlocked at Level 19, and then the Master Picklock perk (Skill 3) is unlocked at Level 40.

Which perk helps with lockpicking in Fallout 76?

Picklock perk card

How do you get a level 3 lockpick in Fallout 76?

The Master Picklock perk card is unlocked at level 40 in Fallout 76, while the Expert Picklock card unlocks at level 19. Keep in mind, you’ll need to have all three Picklock perk cards equipped in order to increase your lockpicking skill to level 3 in Fallout 76.

What is the best special in Fallout 76?

If you don’t want to use Power Armor, you can swap out for similar perks like Ironclad (Endurance) and Barbarian (Strength). Lone Wanderer and Action Boy are some of the best general traits for a solo player, and should be heavily considered regardless of your build.

How do I open the cache door in Fallout 76?

Inside this room look for the cage and enter the code: 071990. Head into the cage and use the keycard on the locked red door to reach the ROBCO AUTO-CACHE #001. Inside the ROBCO AUTO-CACHE #001 use the key card to open the door and enter the office.

How do you get perk cards in Fallout 76?

How to Get Perk Card Packs. Perk Card Packs can only be obtained by leveling up, and are not for purchase. You’ll earn card packs at every other level starting at level 4 until you reach level 10. After that, card packs are given every 5 levels.

Can you max out all perks in Fallout 76?

The number of perk points is capped to a maximum of 56, however this limit may be pushed to 86 when using Legendary SPECIAL perks. Certain perk cards can be upgraded to further improve their benefits. One can upgrade, or rank up a perk card by while in possession of a duplicate.

What happens when you reach level 50 in Fallout 76?

Basically, once you hit level 50 in Fallout 76, you’ll have hit the max level cap for the SPECIAL attributes. That means you’ll no longer be able to grant any additional points into Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, or Luck.

Can you respec in Fallout 76?

If you do want to respec, you’ll have to wait until you’re level 50 and up. From that point on, each time you level, you’ll can choose to forgo selecting a new Perk Card and instead move a single increment from one of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats to another.

Can I reset my perks in Fallout 76?

You cannot respec perk cards, but you are free to equip and unequip perk cards however you wish. For more information about Fallout 76, be sure to check out our Fallout 76 Guide Wiki.

Can you redistribute points in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76’s new SPECIAL respeccing feature only applies to new level ups, leaving existing higher-level characters in the cold. Fallout 76 players can now re-spec SPECIAL points, but there’s a catch: it’s not retroactive.

How do you get rid of the sludge in your lungs in Fallout 76?

How do you get rid of the sludge in your lungs in Fallout 76?

Consume cooked or canned foods. Use the Perk Iron Stomach to reduce risk further. Consume clean water (boiled or purified). Use the Perk Thirst Quencher to reduce risk further.

What is plague Walker 76?

Plague Walker gives you a poison aura that stacks with your diseases. You can have up to four diseases for a stronger aura. Plague Walker only works when diseased, and diseases can seriously hamper your gameplay — some of them drain your hunger or thirst, while others cause constant damage.

What is the fastest way to get mutations in Fallout 76?

The Fastest Way to Farm Mutations

  1. Run in and enter the site.
  2. Unequip Starched Genes.
  3. Rad up to 75% or so.
  4. If you got no mutation, equip Starched Genes.
  5. If the mutation is good or neutral, equip Starched Genes.
  6. If the mutation was bad, leave Starched Genes unequipped.

What is the best mutation in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76: The 10 Best Mutations In The Game, Ranked

  1. 1 Marsupial. Marsupial isn’t the most powerful mutation, but it’s one of the most all-around useful mutations to be had.
  2. 2 Speed Demon.
  3. 3 Healing Factor.
  4. 4 Adrenal Reaction.
  5. 5 Twisted Muscles.
  6. 6 Scaly Skin.
  7. 7 Empath.
  8. 8 Bird Bones.

How good is plague Walker?

Plague Walker generates sound upon damaging enemies, and will continue to do so (at 0 damage) even if no diseases are present. This negatively affects the ability to sneak in proximity to hostile NPCs. This has a profound impact on the sneak effectiveness of melee characters.

How do I get rid of plague Walker?

How to Cure Plague walker

  1. Mutations can only be removed by taking Radaway.
  2. Mutations can be completely prevented by Upgrading and equipping the Starched Genes perk.
  3. You can change your Mutation by exposing yourself to more hazards and radiation, as mutations can override each other.
  4. Death does not remove mutations.

What does plague Walker serum do?

A flask of green serum which, when consumed, will cause the player character to develop the plague walker mutation. This mutation will give the player character a poison aura which scales depending on how many diseases they have.

What level does class freak unlock?

Class Freak is a Perk Card in Fallout 76. This Perk has 3 ranks with increasing cost in Luck. To use this Perk Card your character has to be at least level 46.

How long do serums last 76?

60 minutes

What does class freak do fallout 76?

The negative effects of your mutations are reduced by 25%. The negative effects of your mutations are reduced by 50%. The negative effects of your mutations are reduced by 75%.

Does class freak affect grounded?

Grounded had an identical bug before it was fixed a couple of patches back by writing the Class Freak effect explicitly into the Grounded perk. The actual adjustment is 1.4x (or +40%), while the text and the spell magnitude are 50%.

Are mutations permanent fallout 76?

How did I get a mutation in Fallout 76? Mutations are semi-permanent effects that can give your character a mix of powerful positive and negative effects. Whenever you take radiation damage, there is a chance that you may gain a mutation. As you lower your rads level you can cure those mutations.

What are all the mutations in Fallout 76?

Here is a list of all Fallout 76 Mutations:

  • Chameleon.
  • Bird Bones.
  • Eagle Eyes.
  • Egg Head.
  • Electrically Charged.
  • Empath.
  • Grounded.
  • Healing Factor.

What level do you get class freak fallout 76?

Class Freak is a Fallout 76 Perk….

Class Freak
Required Level46
Default Point Cost1

How do you get a healing factor mutation in Fallout 76?

Healing Factor is one of the Mutations of Fallout 76 (FO76)….How to Get Healing Factor

  1. Obtain mutations by idling near hazardous waste or within radiated or gas areas, eating radiated food, swimming in or drinking wasteland water.
  2. Upgrading the Starched Genes Perk to Rank 2 ensures that Radaway will not cure mutations.

How do you get mutations in f76?

To get a Mutation in Fallout 76, you’ll need to expose your character to some serious Rads. It’s unclear what the threshold for Mutations is, but we do know that this is the only way to get them in the game. If you need to get rid of a Mutation for any reason, then just use Radaway to bring your Rads down.

How does strange in numbers work?

Strange in Numbers is a Perk Card in Fallout 76. This Perk requires Charisma and has only one rank: To use this Perk Card your character has to be at least level 42. Positive mutation effects are +25% stronger if teammates are mutated too.

How do you get the class freak perk card?

This perk has three ranks with increasing cost in Luck. To equip this perk card, one must be at least level 46. At max rank, negative effects of mutations will be reduced by 75%.

Can you stack mutations fallout 76?

You can still stack mutations: Unslot starched genes. Get irradiated. Slot starched genes.

How do you get a marsupial mutation in Fallout 76?

How to Get Marsupial Mutation in Fallout 76

  1. Upgrade the Starched Genes Perk to Rank 2, ensuring that Radaway will not cure mutations.
  2. Upgrading the Starched Genes Perk to Rank 2, ensuring that no new mutations can be acquired, guaranteeing you can keep the Marsupial mutation.

Do decontamination showers remove mutations?

Characteristics. The decontamination shower is a C.A.M.P. object that, when powered and switched on, removes all radiation from the player character when they pass through it. There is also a chance that decontamination shower will remove mutations if the player does not have the Starched Genes perk equipped.

Can you craft marsupial serum?

Can be crafted with the appropriate recipe and components.

Is healing factor worth it Fallout 76?

It only heals outside of combat, it basically brings you up to full hp at rapid speed when outside of combat. -55% to chems without class freak, so again, it’s worth it if you can fit in class freak. You’ll still have to heal in combat when needed.

How do you jump higher in Fallout 76?

Theres a are two ways to increase your movment speed and jump height in fallout 76. You’re going to need a perk to do so, this is the starched genes perk. You can figure out more information about how to keep mutations by checking out our post “How to Keep Mutations In Fallout 76“.

How much do serums sell for Fallout 76?

All of the serum recipes are found in The Whitespring Bunker and are sold by the “MODUS” science terminal in the science wing. They do cost a lot of caps though, 24,000 per recipe to be exact.

Does health regenerate in Fallout 76?

Each time you level up in Fallout 76, the health in your HP bar is restored. While this healing method isn’t as convenient as the others listed above, you can avoid wasting a valuable Stimpak or healing item if you can manage to level up while your HP bar is partially depleted.

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