How do you get Senturi in Ni no Kuni 2?

How do you get Senturi in Ni no Kuni 2?

Senturi appears randomly on your castle so if she’s not there, I advise you to check regularly. Senturi will ask you to kill a Tainted Monster in the Drylands. Hop aboard your Zepplin and head to the Shrine just at the tip of the Drylands.

How do I raise my cookery level in Ni no Kuni?

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Trophy Guide Floyd’s level will increase as you cook dishes with him. For this trophy, you must cook 50 unique dishes, so cooking the same dishes won’t count for the trophy. More recipes will unlock as you go through the side quests and upgrade the Evermore castle.

Where can I get aromatic sap?

There are only two ways to get Aromatic Sap, one of which is by randomly picking up sparkles from the Faraway Forest Maze. The problem with this is that it is completely random and there are so many different materials you can get from the place, not to mention that items are harder to come by in the earlier floors.

Where can I buy Hydropolitan stew?

All you need to do is head to Hydropolis and then visit the first restaurant to the south. You can find and buy the “Hydropolitan Stew” for 1,300 gold. You may like this What does Toodles mean?

How do you get Opal Hueblooms?

This can only be found in the Faraway Forest which can only be unlocked after clearing all the 9 mazes and completing Quest 002: Top Marks for Trying to obtain the Enhanced Dreamer Door Key. In the Faraway Forest cave, an Opal Huebloom is one of many item pickups spread across the floor of this maze.

How many floors is faraway forest?

30 floors

What mushroom does Hipponoe?

Bring it to her and now she wants a mushroom that reveals a range of exotic colors when cut open. This one is none other than the Sweet Dream Truffle.

Where can I find Sundelions?

Head to Hideaway Hollow near Ding Dong Dell with your Zippelin and land on the high ground. If you check to the south of the marker (near the edge of the marked area) you can find your blue sparkle with Sundelion.

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