Is the NZXT 510i worth it?

Is the NZXT 510i worth it?

NZXT H510 Elite Conclusion: Not Worth It Customers should strongly consider buying one of those instead and using the extra $90-$100 to choose their own fans or LEDs. If a clear front panel with RGB fans and disappointing thermal performance is an absolute necessity, buy a Level 20 MT instead and save some money.

Is the H510 elite better than the H510i?

The NZXT H510i, for example, retails for $109.99 and is much the same chassis, but with a metal front panel instead of glass. The H510 Elite does look, to our eyes, much better than its less expensive counterpart, but an extra $50 feels steep just to switch the front panel from metal to tempered glass.

How do I choose a cooling system for my PC?

PC Cooler Types Buyers need to decide between an air cooler or a liquid cooler. To complete their setup, buyers also need to decide between a silicone-based thermal paste or a carbon-based paste. A single CPU cooler can have a variety of different fan sizes, noises, and speeds.

Does a PC need cooling?

Most desktop/tower style computers have adequate cooling for the CPU and GPU under normal usage. However, if you frequently do things that drive your CPU and GPU hard, such as running sophisticated video games, or rendering video, you may find that your CPU/GPU will run hot.

Can you cool your CPU too much?

As long as you avoid condensation, the cold won’t hurt your CPU. However, you may find that for your purposes, all sub-ambient cooling methods are beyond the point of diminishing returns.

Do I need a CPU cooler if not overclocking?

Best answer: If you’re not overclocking, the stock CPU cooler will be fine, but if you do want to push your machine a little further, then getting an all-in-one liquid cooler is the place to start.

What happens if you dont have a CPU cooler?

Aš soon as the bios detect excess CPU temperature the pc will shut down. Without a heatsink this will be just after bios as windows is booting.

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