What Pokemon can smash rocks?

What Pokemon can smash rocks?

The 10 Best Pokemon To Learn Rock Smash

  1. 1 Scizor. Another ability that can improve the use of Rock Smash is Technician, which adds fifty percent more power to any moves it uses with 60 power or less.
  2. 2 Togekiss.
  3. 3 Flareon.
  4. 4 Treecko.
  5. 5 Zigzagoon.
  6. 6 Urshifu.
  7. 7 Tapu Bulu.
  8. 8 Galarian Zapdos.

Where do you get the rock smash TM in Pokemon gold?

Sudowoodo is a Rock type, not a Grass type (even though it looks like a tree). 8 After defeating, capturing, or fleeing from the Sudowoodo, follow the trail on the right and talk to the chubby guy that is closest to you. He will then give you the Rock Smash TM.

Where are all the TM locations in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The TMs TM Name Type Power Location 16 Light Screen Psychic — Celadon City (Department Store roof – gi 17 Protect Normal — Power Plant (center) 18 Rain Dance Water — Route 15 (northwest) 19 Giga Drain Grass 75 Celadon City (Gym – defeat Erika)

Where do you get Thunderbolts in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The TMs TM Name Type Power Acc. 23 Iron Tail Steel 100 75 24 Thunderbolt Electric 90 100 25 Thunder Electric 110 70 26 Earthquake Ground 100 100 You may like this How to defeat the rival in Pokemon lets go Silph?

Do you have to battle Sudowoodo to get rock smash?

Battle the Sudowoodo. You don’t have to capture the Sudowoodo. Just make sure that you somehow manage to make it go away. There is only one Sudowoodo in the game unless you trade with someone, so that’s basically the only time you get to see one.

Where do you find rock smash in Pokemon Ruby?

Rock Smash is a HM Move for all of the Pokémon games. Rock Smash enables you to break rocks to collect items, fight Pokémon, or access hidden areas. When used in battle, Rock Smash can lower your opponent’s defense stat. To find Rock Smash in Pokémon Ruby, you’ll need to visit Mauville city.

Where do you get the HM rock smash?

In the ember spa,in one island,there is gonna be an old looking guy just straight of the part u get healed in.Then go talk 2 him and he’ll give u the HM rock smash. You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to ask and answer questions.

Where are all the TMS in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Several TMs from Red/Blue/Yellow – such as Swords Dance, Explosion and Thunder Wave – are now available as move tutor moves. Each of the 50 TM moves are listed below along with their precise locations. Cat.

Where do you get hm06 in Pokemon FireRed?

Obtaining all of the HMs will also be vital, since you won’t be able to complete the entire Main Story & Post Game without them. HM06 is none other than the move known as Rock Smash. HM Rock Smash can be obtained from the Elderly Man in the Ember Spa on One Island. You may like this Does Mewtwo Respawn in fire red?

Can Whismur learn rock smash?

Whismur evolves into Loudred at lv. 20 and then evolves again at lv. 40 into Exploud. It can learn rock smash too.

Is Whismur good in emerald?

All pokemon are good ingame, so yes, whismur is a decent pokemon to play with ingame.

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