Can you keep playing death stranding after ending?

Can you keep playing death stranding after ending?

Yes, you can continue to play after you have completed the main story. Once the final credits are displayed (for the second time), the game will take you to Chapter 15. Events in this chapter take place two weeks before the final events.

What to do after ending death stranding?

What to do After Beating Death Stranding

  1. Don’t stop delivering.
  2. Go to Peter Englert’s bunker.
  3. Read everything.
  4. Up the challenge.
  5. Reconnect America…with zip lines!
  6. Play around with photo-mode.
  7. Spend time with Lou.
  8. Death Stranding is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Can you beat death stranding?

Realistically, you’re looking at around 35-40 hours to finish Death Stranding if you power through the story. That means just sticking to the main mission stuff highlighted on your map and not getting sidetracked into exploring or taking on any deliveries that aren’t critical to the story.

Can Sam teleport in death stranding?

How to fast travel in Death Stranding. To fast travel in Death Stranding all you have to do is descend into your Private Room and look around until you see Fragile’s umbrella on the wall. Sam can fast travel to any location (across both regions) where he has previously visited which has a private room. You may like this What type of music affects your memory?

How old is fragile in death stranding?

Physical Description. Fragile is a white young woman in her late 20s or early 30s with blonde hair and blue eyes. Most of her body is aged due to the timefall with which Higgs tortured her.

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