Can you sell the RC Bandito?

Can you sell the RC Bandito?

Can you sell RC Bandito? Nope there is no way to sell it.

Can you upgrade RC Bandito?

The RC Bandito can only be modified at the Arena Workshop, at the RC Bandito Workshop. This also serves as its saved location.

Where can I modify my RC tank?

All a player has to do is drive their Invade and Persuade RC Tank to any Los Santos Customs shop to upgrade and customize it. The customization options are mostly similar to regular Los Santos Customs vehicles, but it’s the weaponry that’s most interesting to change in GTA Online.

Does RC Bandito show on map?

*No, it doesn’t show up on radar at all. No Ghost Organization or calling Lester necessary. *Your character disappears when you use the RC Bandito. So you can’t be killed while using the RC Bandito.

Can the RC tank be destroyed?

When the vehicle is heavily damaged, a beeping sound can be heard to indicate this state, similar to the tanks and the APC. Sometimes, upon destruction of the RC Tank, the player remotely operating the vehicle may be wasted, giving the appropriate message and granting a kill to the attacker (tested on PC).

Is the RC Bandito glitch patched?

Yeah it was patched a day or so after it was discovered.

Which weapon is best for RC tank?

Plasma is really great for killing people but you have to free aim and it’s slow to blow up vehicles. So far it seems plasma for players and rocket for npcs.

How many rockets can a tank Take GTA?

The tank can take about 3-4 tank shells, 5-6 RPG shots or 7-8 Grenade Launcher shots before exploding, making it an advantage to survive at what is usually an instant kill.

Can you use the minigun on the Rhino tank?

Yep. It doesn’t switch.

How many targets does Trevor have to eliminate?

20 hipsters

How do I get Trevor rage?

To start a rampage, you need to walk to the designated men. Then there will be a cutscene, during which Trevor will become enraged, and the mission will begin. Each rampage, except the fourth, lasts two minutes. To successfully complete it, you need to kill a certain number of enemies.

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