How to get legendary sword in Harvest Moon DS?

How to get legendary sword in Harvest Moon DS?

In the original HM DS, you can claim it if your experience level is at Mystrile even if all the tools themselves have not been upgraded. To remove the boulders, equip the Legendary Sword, stand next to a boulder and press the ‘A’ button. Note: You do NOT use the Legendary Sword here as a tool.

Where do you get cursed tools in Harvest Moon?

The level 6 and 7 tools come from within the Mines, in the northeast corner of the valley. You will need to have all 6 of your standard tools upgraded to Mythril before the next set of tools will appear.

How do you unlock the 3rd Mine Harvest Moon?

To unlock the 3rd mine, reach the bottom of the 2nd mine and clear away the animals. Then activate Carter’s hammer event again. This 3rd mine has 999 floors and it does contained the cursed tools and accessories.

How do you get mythic stone in Harvest Moon?

Take the special stone and call Gray on your telephone. He will charge you 50,000 G to convert your level 5 (Mystril) tool into the level 7 one. The Mythic level is the last stage in your tool upgrades. You can only have 1 Mythic Stone at a time, so don’t bother trying to dig for more once you have one in your inventory. You may like this How do you marry the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon DS?

Where do you get the sword in Harvest Moon?

TL;DR In order to get the sword, you need to kill all the enemies on floor 255 of the second mine and have at least one empty space in your rucksack and have at least one of your tools at 400% (none of your tools needs to be upgraded) and you need to go into the maiden’s room on floor 255 and say ‘yes’.

How do you destroy the rocks in Harvest Moon?

To use the sword to destroy the rocks, place it in the red slot in your rucksack then press the A button. You will swing the sword and the giant rocks will go away. The sword’s main use is just for destroying the large rocks.

How big is the second mine in Harvest Moon?

The second mine is 255 floors deep, and you can only fall (at most) 10 floors at once. This mine has a lot of wild animals to fight off, but when you reach the bottom and clear away the enemies you will discover the Legendary Sword.

Where are the 4 mines in Harvest Moon DS?

The 4 Mines. When you begin Harvest Moon DS you can quickly make some money by visiting the excavation site in the northeast corner of the valley. The excavation site is currently being treated by Carter and Flora as an archeological area.

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