Should I keep the Punisher re4?

Should I keep the Punisher re4?

Punisher is completely useless gimmicky garbage. Get the medallions so you can get it for free and sell it immediately. Get the Red9 ASAP. It’s far and away the most powerful handgun, and comes with a stock to also make it the most accurate.

What happens when you get all 15 blue medallions in Resident Evil 4?

When the player reaches the Merchant, he asks the character if they have seen the Blue Medallions and informs that if ten are shot, he’ll give you a specialized handgun. If all fifteen medallions are shot before collecting the prize, the Merchant will give the gun with a free upgrade in firepower.

Where is the graveyard Resident Evil 4?

The cemetery (墓地, Bochi?) is located just outside the church. It surrounds the Church where Ashley is being held prisoner. The area is also explored by Ada Wong in Separate Ways, in which it is revealed that Ada was the one who left Leon the Green Catseye in the device behind the Church.

How many times do I turn the dial in Resident Evil 4?

To properly light up the three symbols, turn the dial in this order: three increments (3), four increments (4), three increments (3), three increments (3), four increments (4), three increments (3), three increments (3). You may like this Does AEW have a streaming service?

What do you do with the Green Catseye in Resident Evil 4?

The Green Catseye is an optional treasure item in the main game of Resident Evil 4 and a necessary one to advance in the Separate Ways sidegame. It is worth 3,000₧ and can be combined with the Beerstein.

What are the 3 family insignias in Resident Evil 4?

The aim of the puzzle is to rotate the dial such that the three insignias (Z, M and V) are the only ones lit up. Working out how to do this can be a bit tricky, but the answer is actually pretty simple. Rotate the dial in the following order to complete the puzzle: 3,3,3,4,4,4,3.

What is re4 worth?

Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game. (Missable) To earn this trophy you will need to earn all 24 bottle caps in the game. There are 4 shooting sets and 5 shooting galleries in the game.

How do you open the 3 family insignias of the Dead Ringers?


  1. The solution is:
  2. yo you need to shut your mouth up.
  3. The insignia is the deadly sybol of the parasitic Los Illuminados, and I believe if you press it in this order : 3,3,3,4,4,4,3 it will give you the green catseye.
  4. The insignia is the symbol of Los Illuminados.

What is the achievement for Do not shoot the water?

Do Not Shoot the Water! is an award for the HD re-release of Resident Evil 4. Contrary to its name, it is earned when the player shoots at the water in the lake during Chapter 2-1. Doing so before the del Lago boss-fight will result in the giant Salamander rising from the water to eat the player. You may like this Why are my frames dropping in r6?

How many chapters are there in Resident Evil 4?


What do I do with the elegant mask in re4?

The Elegant Mask’s purpose is entirely for collection. Like all Treasure items that can be combined, the Elegant Mask is intended to be held off from selling until it has been completed. This gives it a much larger selling price, overall.

What happens if you kill the merchant in Resident Evil 4?

The player can actually kill the Merchant. His body will not fade, and he will respawn in that specific spot after some time in Amateur and Normal difficulties, but not in Professional, where he will never come back. The Merchant also runs the various Shooting Ranges around the castle and island areas.

What treasures can you combine in Resident Evil 4?

  • Beerstein w/(G,R,Y) – 20,000Pts. Beerstein – 3,000 pts.
  • Elegant Mask w/(R,G,P) – 20,000Pts. Elegant Mask – 3,000Pts.
  • Butterfly Lamp w/(R,G,B) – 32,000Pts. Butterfly Lamp – 4,500Pts.
  • Salazar Family Crown – 48,000Pts. Crown – 9,000Pts.
  • Golden Lynx w/(G,R,B) – 35,000Pts. Golden Lynx – 15,000Pts.

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