What animal is Vib Ribbon?

What animal is Vib Ribbon?

More videos on YouTube. Vib-Ribbon is inscrutable at first. You play as a charmingly animated rabbit walking down a straight line, and eventually obstacles like spikes and ledges start to appear in time to the music.

How long is Vib Ribbon?

All Styles

Main Story955m
Main + Extras31h 15m
All PlayStyles141h 26m

How do you emulate a Vib Ribbon?


  1. Start PowerISO.
  2. From the dropdown arrow by “New”, select “Audio CD”.
  3. Drag some MP3 files onto the app.
  4. Click “Save”, and choose a filename and where to save (the same folder as your Vib Ribbon ISO is a good choice).
  5. You can now close PowerISO.
  6. Run ePSXe, and run your Vib Ribbon ISO as usual.

Is VIB ribbon an indie game?

Vib Ribbon – I am the rabbit | Indie games, Best games, Vocaloid. You may like this What happened to Lisa and Soulja Boy?

Is Vibri a rabbit?

Character. Vibri is a vector-shaped angular female rabbit who enjoys singing. She appears in all of Vib-Ribbon, and is shown to be quirky and outgoing. Vibri’s goal, ultimately, is to avoid four basic obstacles that are scattered across the level, and each vary depending on the song the player chooses to play.

What language is Vibri?

She is only ever heard speaking Japanese.

Who is Vibri?

Vibri is the main protagonist of the 1999 rhythm game Vib-Ribbon, developed by NanaOn-Sha (who also did PaRappa The Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy).

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Sony. The PlayStation and PlayStation 2 are region-locked into three regions: NTSC U/C, NTSC-J, and PAL.

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PS1 games are region locked. Japanese games and consoles are NTSC-J while USA consoles and games are NTSC. Your option are: Modchip your NTSC console (this will make it play NTSC-J and PAL games and also backups.) Buy an already ‘chipped’ console. You may like this Can I play the World Cup in FIFA 19?

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