What is the chance of getting a legendary in a super magical chest?

What is the chance of getting a legendary in a super magical chest?

However, the Super Magical Chest remains the chest with the highest possible chance of Legendary cards, with a chance of over 50% to get a Legendary card once the Inferno Dragon comes out.

What are the chances of getting a magical chest from battle?

ChestTime/Cost to UnlockChance (in Battle)
Magical Chest12 hours (Instant if bought in shop) or 72 Gems (cost is determined by duration left)-> 3.5% <- 7/200 chests obtained
Super Magical Chest24 hours (Instant if bought in shop) or 144 Gems (cost is determined by duration left)-> 0.5% <- 1/200 chests obtained

Can lightning chests have legendary?

Mega Lightning Chests are not part of the regular chest cycle (see Chest Cycle). Mega Lightning Chests have a high chance of containing a Legendary given the chest is from P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse or above, and even guarantee one from Spooky Town or above. Mega Lightning Chests take 24 hours or 144 gems to unlock.

What are the odds of getting a legendary from a chest?

Super magical chests and magical chests have the same legendary factor, but since you get more cards in the super magical chest, the odds are higher for the SMC. So the exact formula for figuring out the odds of receiving a legendary from a chest is as follow:

What are the odds of winning every chest?

So Orange Juice does a great job of explaining everything. I’ll try to sum it all up for you So first off let me give you the odds of pulling a legendary card of out every chest in the game, listed from the best odds to the worst odds! Super Magical Chest- 46.94% 12 Win Grand Challenge Chest- 22.65% Magical Chest- 7.82%

Is the supermagical chest still in Clash Royale?

No. (Really. Just no.) These videos are old and contain some information that is not up-to-date, but while, for example, the Supermagical chest is not in the game anymore, the general principles, like chest cycle, remain the same. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How often do you get draft chests in Clash Royale?

For example, If you are in Arena 4, you can’t get the Mega Minion (available from Arena 7) from the Clan Chest. Draft Chests are given once every season, it’s when the season resets (1 month/season). For more details about “Chests”, please take a look at here.

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