What should I do with a druid in wild shape?

What should I do with a druid in wild shape?

As a DM, you should work directly with your druid player to determine what beast shapes they know. If your player has a particular beast they want to transform into (that follows the rules of Wild Shape), you should let them! Wild Shape has a few fiddly rules that new druid players (and their DMs) should be familiar with.

Are the Beast shape weapon attacks of a druid, simple or finesse?

Are the beast shape weapon attacks of a Druid, simple or finesse? The weapon attacks of a creature such as a Beast are ‘Natural Weapons’ and each entry for those attacks found under the Attack heading for each beast stat block tells you what kind of attack it is. For instance, a Claw and Bite attack count as a ‘Melee Weapon Attack’.

Can a druid in ape wildshape use weapons?

Since you retain your mental statistics, and apes have opposable thumbs, there is no reason to restrict a wild shaped druid ape from wielding any sort of weapon. The only question is, does weapon proficiency apply?

Can a druid turn into a beast in RuneScape?

A druid can only transform into a beast using their Wild Shape feature, and even then can only take the form of a beast they’ve seen before. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything includes a valuable guide on how to help druids who have just gained the Wild Shape feature determine what beasts they’ve seen before.

Can a Druid cast spells of another alignment?

A druid can’t cast spells of an alignment opposed to her own or her deity’s (if she has one). Spells associated with particular alignments are indicated by the chaos, evil, good, and law descriptors in their spell descriptions.

Can a druid of the circle of the Moon use wild shape?

Other creatures may appear in published adventures, and should only be used with your DM’s permission. Druids of the Circle of the Moon can use Wild Shape to assume high-CR forms in combat as early as 2nd level, but druids of other circles can only really use Wild Shape in combat at low levels.

What happens when you change form as a druid?

Changing form (to animal or back) is a standard action and doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. Each time you use wild shape, you regain lost hit points as if you had rested for a night . Any gear worn or carried by the druid melds into the new form and becomes nonfunctional.

How are wild shapes ranked in dungeons and Dragons?

All of the following options for Wild Shapes are ranked according to their Challenge Rating (CR). going from the lowest to the highest. The first six beasts on this list are available to all druid players, but the best forms are reserved for druids who take the Circle of the Moon subclass.

What does conjure animals do to a druid?

Conjure Animals creates Fey rather than true beasts…yet the druid still learns what is needed to Wild Shape. This means that if seeing transformed Fey are enough to learn to Wild Shape into a beast then a druid watching a Wild Shaped druid can presumably learn enough for themselves as well.

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