How do you get Neko Shogun with Dekaja?

How do you get Neko Shogun with Dekaja?

Rank 6: Neko Shogun with Dekaja

  1. The quickest way we found to get a Neko Shogun with Dekaja was to start out with an Anzu (Hierophant) – this guy learns Dekaja at level 28. Boost there to get the move.
  2. Your next step is to use Anzu in an advanced fusion – fuse it in a three-way with Kodama (Star) and Sudama (Hermit).

How do you fuse good personas?

Cover your elemental bases A good rule of thumb when fusing personas is to try to pass down as many elemental attacks as possible. You can’t cover all weaknesses with just your teammates, and you don’t want to get stuck in a tough battle without a persona that has the correct attack to exploit an enemy’s weakness.

Is genbu a good persona?

4 BEST: Genbu Genbu is one of the best defensive options around for the early game and can be created from a bunch of different fusions. It comes equipped with Bufu and Rakunda, further boosting its defensive potential, and is one of the few Personas this early on with an elemental nullification.

How do you unlock Satanael?

Unlocking Satanael Since Satanael is one of the Ultimate Persona, you have to finish the game first. Once you finish the game, you’ll unlock him as an option for Advanced Fusions. You may like this Can you solo Alolan Marowak?

How do you combine persona?

In order to fuse, you need to head over to The Velvet Room where Igor and his attendants are. You can get to this at the opening part of any palace or within Shibuya. Once you’re there, just talk to Igor and you will see the option to do a fusion.

Can you lose Arsene?

Not if you save him in the compendium, no. So if you registered Arsene to the compendium at level 10 and then executed him, you could summon him back as a level 10 again, all abilities intact. The simple answer is to just get a third Persona to fuse away with instead of Arsene, though.

What is the best persona in p5?

Persona 5 Strikers: Best Personas to Have on Your Team

  • Late Game Planning. Something to keep in mind is that these are late-game Personas — the best of the best.
  • Yoshitsune. An extremely powerful Persona, Yoshitsune, has the most powerful Physical techniques in the game, including Brave Blade.
  • Seth.
  • Mara.
  • Black Frost.
  • Thor.
  • Norn.
  • Kali.

How do you get strong persona?

The quickest and most obvious way of acquiring new Personas is by claiming them from vanquished enemies, but you can also create new ones or strengthen existing ones by sacrificing them in the Velvet Room.

What is the strongest persona?

There are tons of powerful deities and demons from previous games that we felt had some much-deserved potential for the spotlight. You may like this Is Winston a bad guy in Incredibles 2?

  1. 1 Satanael.
  2. 2 Yoshitsune.
  3. 3 Izanagi No Okami.
  4. 4 Helel.
  5. 5 Messiah.
  6. 6 Michael.
  7. 7 Odin.
  8. 8 Satan.

Do I have to sacrifice Arsene?

Arsene is one of the only Persona that has access to Curse moves at the start of the game, so it’s worth keeping him around. If you were railroaded into sacrificing Arsene, you should definitely take the time to get him back.

Why is Arsene so weak?

Arsene is weak against two elements, like other starting main character elements to encourage players to not get attached to a persona-an identity. Arsene is weak against two elements, like other starting main character elements to encourage players to not get attached to a persona-an identity.

Can you beat Persona 5 with only Arsene?

You can beat the game with any persona if you put the time and money into it, but Arsene only has like 3 skills so anything else would need to be inherited from other personas through the gallows, you’d have a much harder time just using Arsene and your skill set would be very limited.

Is Arsene worth keeping Persona 5 Royal?

Arsene is not worth keeping, but he is worth using on your new game plus. The other answers have been spot on, but nobody has really mentioned that Arsene has the most potential of any Persona. Because he is a level 1 (the only one in the game, I think), you can choose how every single one of his stats goes.

Is fusing Arsene bad?

Yes, it’s alright. If you want him back, you can buy him back through the compendium by talking to Justine or you can fuse the two Fool Personas above Arsene in the compendium on the list to fuse Arsene. He is not necessary at all so you can play the game without him, you get him back.

Should I keep Arsene p5r?

Don’t keep him. He sucks. He can be made better in late game or NG+, but it requires good fusions with high-level persona and a lot of skill cards and such.

Is Arsene worth leveling up?

Absolutely. This is a good learning moment for how Persona games work xD Basically they have a reasonable xp curve for about 3 levels or so while they’re learning their new skills, then it skyrockets to encourage you to fuse them away.

What is Joker’s main persona?


Does Arsene come back?

You can get Arsene back from the compendium.

Is Satanael in Persona 5 strikers?

Persona 5 Strikers has fewer Personas than the original game, so fans will have to do without some of their favorites. Satanael, Joker’s ultimate Persona, is not available in the game.

Does Ren Amamiya die?

No, he does not. Near the end of the story, the phantom thieves plan an elaborate scheme to trick Akechi into thinking he murdered Joker in order to get Joker out of prison and save him from actually being murdered by Akechi.

Did akechi kill Ren?

So because she interrogated Joker in that Room, in her Palace her Cognitive equivalent to Joker is sitting in that room. Once unknowingly in the Metaverse, Akechi went into the room, bragged to Sae’s version of Joker, and shot him in the head, leaving.

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