How do you play music in a helicopter?

How do you play music in a helicopter?

Once development is complete, the helicopter automatically has the loudspeaker built into it. Once you have the desired song highlighted, the button to press is Square (on the PS4) for Set Helicopter Music .

How do I change my helicopter in MGSV?

How To Equip Helicopter Upgrades

  1. Take out your iDroid.
  2. Go to the Mother Base tab.
  3. Select Customize from the menu.
  4. Choose Helicopter.

Does Pequod die?

Pequod was shot down after he touched down too close to an LAVArmor team.

Can quiet shoot down a helicopter?

She doesn’t really shoots a pilot but still can take down helicopter if you equip her with Brennan (Sinful Butterfly), take a few shots depends on their level. I took them down using Brennan plus her support fire all the time, much easier than using RPG lmao. You may like this Can I use quill of Gemination?

What happens if you dont shower in Metal Gear Solid 5?

Not showering in the Phantom Pain will leave your view covered in flies, and will even show how others are physically repulsed by your odour.

How do I shower with quiet?

  1. Get max bond with quiet.
  2. 2.In any side op or mission bring quiet.
  3. Get in a dumpster and smoke multiple phantom cigarettes.
  4. Smoke until you see flies flying around you.
  5. Go back to mother base and the cutscene will be triggered.

Can you play mgs5 after you beat it?

Unlike most other Metal Gear Solid games, The Phantom Pain lets you replay missions that have already been completed. The stealth and action mechanics are top-notch here, and it’s a real joy to play.

Can you free roam after beating MGSV?

Yes, though there IS some stuff that is permanently missable if you progress too far in the plot.

Is mgs5 worth finishing?

As someone who recently platinumed MGSV(ignore the humble bragging), it is totally worth to get back and play the rest of the missions. It’ll provide you enough closure for a few loose ends the game has left after Chapter 1. The total stealth and subsistence repeats are fun to play as well.

Why do missions repeat in mgs5?

User Info: LukeStrife5. None of the Repeat missions are required to progress the story. The reason people think they are is because certain story advances are unlocked by either “Beating A Story Mission (new or repeat) or Beating Three Side Ops”. So while they CAN progress the game, you don’t need to do them. You may like this What is in the Faron region?

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