What are the cheats for Lego Star Wars 2?

What are the cheats for Lego Star Wars 2?

Select the “Character Customizer” option, then choose a human head, the Santa hat, white beard, and red clothes. After choosing a red or green lightsaber, enter the “Extras” menu and activate “Disguise 3” for the glasses. Start the game, then go to the two test tubes in the corner.

How to unlock all the Star Wars cheats?

1 4-LOM – DVY683 2 Aayla Secura – ECU428 3 Adi Mundi – MUN486 4 Admiral Ackbar – ACK646 5 Anakin Skywalker (Ghost) – HJI667 6 Battle Droid – AUJ261 7 Battle Droid (Commander) – KPF958 8 Battle Droid (Geonosis) – NJK995 9 Battle Droid (Security) – HWY633 10 Beach Trooper – BHH538

What kind of lightsaber does Santa use in Star Wars?

Santa can wield the weapon of your choice — I recommend the green or red lightsaber to seasonally complement his shiny red duds. (Remember, the color of his lightsaber decides whether his Force powers are naughty or nice.) In the Extras menu, activate “Disguise 3”.

What can you do with Lego Star Wars?

Once you complete the jedi meter for free play and story and collect all the minikits for every single level you can go outside of the cantina and build a fountain with all the bricks you have collected and when you have done this you have your very own stud fountain that spits out over 100,000! Contributed By: sithlord3728. You may like this How do you unlock the Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star Ultra?

Are there any cheats in Lego Star Wars 2?

First go to the bar and go up to it. Then go to the extras. The first cheat it will show is a picture of Yoda. Buy it. Then go to free play for any level. Under the characters you earn from the game will be all the characters you earned from the first game. You can use any one in free play.

Are there any unlocked characters in Lego Star Wars 2?

All the characters from Lego Star Wars (and the unlocked ones from Lego Star Wars 2) will be available to use. This is also very helpful for collecting all the Lego canisters.

What happens if you die in Lego Star Wars?

He or she cannot be killed by anything except falling and/or stepping in the quicksand or deep mud from Degobah. This effect will end if you die from falling or switch characters. This can be repeated as many times as desired. Have a saved game file (any or all characters unlocked) from the original Lego Star Wars on your memory card.

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