What do you need to unlock Darth Revan?

What do you need to unlock Darth Revan?

For Darth Revan: Minimum is probably G11 for HK and Bastila (zeta on Bastila very important, HK is helpful), G7/8 for Juhani, and the rest don’t matter. Mods: Damage on HK, Speed/Potency on Bastila, Health/Protection on Juhani (for T6), rest don’t matter.

Who do you need for Darth Malak?

You only need the characters of one side at 17,500 to do that side. You do need both Revans unlocked, so if you didn’t have Darth Revan unlocked, that’s why you couldn’t do it. But as long as you have Both Revans, you only need the characters of each side ready to perform that side.

How do I get Malak on the dark side?

Dark Side is really easy, you just keep killing the droids and get like 40 locked stacks on darth Revan. Light side is really hard… shred the robots, keep killing them, use any extra attacks on the captive Jedi, get them all down low enough that you can keep using shred but they won’t die.

How do you get 7 star Malak?

You need like 67k to get to 7 star. You have to buy shards from the store with Guild Event Currency. You get the currency from raids, Territory Battles, and Territory Wars. It’s currently the most valuable currency in the game. You may like this Is South America bigger than Russia?

How do you beat Darth Malak on the light side?

Its important because hitting and killing all of them plus giving him too much damage he will absorb those extra buffs making it harder. Hit the driods until low reds (u need to save ur assist moves for malak but both driods should be easily killed by jolee when he puts fear on u. U cannot assist if its up.

How do you beat light side Malak?

Step by step instructions for Darth Malak lightside

  1. Hit the tenacity buff Jedi a few times so if Malak goes below half health, he will kill that one.
  2. Armor shred one droid.
  3. Kill droids.
  4. When droids are dead, start to kill the Crit DMG buff.
  5. You need to get 3 minimum…
  6. Somewhere in there armor shred the other droid once.
  7. Keep killing droids.

Why does Malak stop summoning droids?

Summarize your bug During the light side Malak event battle, Malak stops spawning droids making the event impossible to pass. The droids allow you to stop Malak from becoming enraged and when these do not spawn, you are forced to fight him while enraged which means that you’ll lose every time.

How do you counter Malak?

Malak is a joke to a taunting KRU. If you’ve got Savage from a while back his insta kill when a character is below 50% health works against Malak. So basically just whittle him down and then hope to pound him with savage.

Is Darth Malak worth it Swgoh?

Yes! And he’s helpful in GA/TW too. As others have said, having a good OR squad with zCarth is also pretty great for GA/TW purposes. So if that’s important to you and worth the gear, then you might as well grind for Malak too. You may like this Is Menstruation a curse in Hinduism?

How do I get rid of solo Malak?

Use five high potency stunners to keep Malak in check and take him out slowly. Characters like RG, Zeb and Dooku who can stun on basic are great options. Mod them with potency before TW and GA lock, in case you have to clean up a single Malak. Characters that can inflict healing immunity or shock are an added bonus.


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