Did Destiny 2 make a profit?

Did Destiny 2 make a profit?

In other words, Destiny 2 wasn’t making as much money as Activision wanted. But the perception of the company losing the franchise could be worse than the actual dollars it loses because of the decision to give up Destiny. Morgan Stanley Research has Destiny’s revenues in 2019 even higher, valuing it at $374 million.

How do I link blizzard to steam?

How to Link your Blizzard Account to Steam

  1. Step 1: Go to this page on Bungie.net and click on “Get Started” to start this whole process.
  2. Step 2: You need to sign in on Bungie.net from your main account and check the right e-mail address and click “Continue.” Make sure your e-mail is correct.
  3. Step 3: Click “Continue” again.

Why do I have to buy Shadowkeep twice?

This remains not true for Shadowkeep, which is where things get a little complicated. Shadowkeep comes with a season, so while the seasonal content itself will transfer (like the premium battle pass) Shadowkeep itself has to be bought twice for two platforms for access to Shadowkeep-specific content.

Do I have to rebuy Shadowkeep?

sadly yes, you will have to rebuy the dlc. You may like this Does the Wii work without a sensor bar?

Do I need to buy Shadowkeep if I have forsaken?

For Forsaken, that means the Forsaken Complete Edition, which includes base Forsaken and all of the Year Two content. It goes without saying that you’ll need to buy Shadowkeep – this year’s big release – if you want to play that content.

Does Crosssaves season pass?

Does this Season Pass have cross-save support? Yes, if you purchase the Season Pass it will work across all platforms where you own Destiny 2.

Can you transfer silver on destiny?

Destiny Silver Cannot be Transferred Silver is bound to the Destiny account and Destiny release that purchased the Silver and cannot be transferred or gifted to another Destiny account or Destiny release. Silver and items purchased with Silver cannot be shared between accounts by platform license sharing features.

Does silver transfer from PS4 to PC?

Silver purchased on any platform will not carry over to another platform regardless of if cross-save is active or not.

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