How do I change my Sims turn ons?

How do I change my Sims turn ons?

Under the choose aspiration part there is the option to choose new turn ons. In your previously made sims inventories there will be a bottle of potion (sorry I’ve forgotten what its called) – get them to drink it and you get to choose their turn ons/offs.

What does the Ghost Potion do in Sims 3?

Ghost Potion – Turns a Sim into a ghost (like dying of old age) for a few hours. Making Sims Woohoo in this state can make the mother pregnant with a ghost baby!

Can you sell potions in Sims 3?

You can visit the consignment store (or place one in the neighborhood if there isn’t one already) to “consign” your potions. You’ll sell them, but it can usually take a day or two to do so. You stand a chance of selling your potions well above market value, especially if you have the Born Salesman trait.

How do you join the alchemist career in Sims 3?

To obtain the career path for the Alchemist you will need to register yourself via phone or computer as self-employed (via jobs and professions, then register as self-employed). Before you can do this you will need at least one skill point in alchemy. You may like this Can you go to jail for insulting someone?

How do you go self employed on Sims 3?

Self-Employment: Start To Finish Sims (from Teen and beyond) with at least one skill level in certain skills can either use the phone or computer (or go directly to City Hall) to “Register as Self Employed”. A message box will pop up, informing the player that the Sim is going to the City Hall to do some paperwork.

Where is the alchemy shop in Sims 3?

The building may be new, but the elixirs sold inside are as traditional and potent as magic itself. Aleister’s Elixirs and Sundries, located at 336 Knott Street, is the only Elixir Consignment Store in Moonlight Falls….Moonlight Falls.

Aleister’s Elixirs and Sundries
GameThe Sims 3: Supernatural

How do you make elixirs in Sims 3?

To make an elixir, Sims can Mix Elixir at the alchemy station. A table-like window will appear and you can choose what elixir will be mixed. All the ingredients required for the elixir must be in the Sim’s inventory. To check what he needs, you can find them at the “Ingredients” column of the window.

How do you make a bottle of witches in Sims 3?

Bottled Witches’ Brew

  1. Requires Toad, Light Beetle, and Moonstone.
  2. Bestows magical abilities to the target, turning him or her into a Witch, assuming the target is a human. (If the target is a different supernatural race, the potion does nothing.)

What to do with gems in Sims 3?

Gems are collectibles in The Sims 3. They are found in their raw form and can be cut by sending them to a gem cutters or by using the gem cutter machine. You may like this Why was the Italian navy so bad in ww2?

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