How do you control Sims from a different household?

How do you control Sims from a different household?

To switch households in your game, click on the Options button (… in the upper right corner). Choose Manage Households. You’ll be asked if you want to Save and go to Manage Households, or just go to Manage Households. I always choose to save, but your progress will be saved as long as you save before exiting.

How do you control your Sims that aren’t yours?

You can’t control what Sims do on other lots. The only thing you can do is select from the drop down menu what general thing you want them to “do” while you’re gone.

How do you move a SIM out and still control it?

If you move the one Sim out, you won’t be able to control her anymore. You can only control the active household. You have two ways to move her out. You can either buy her a house or kick her out.

Can I kick a Sim out?

Moving a Sim Out in The Sims 4 To do this, press Esc to bring up the main menu and select ‘Manage Worlds’. Now, select the Home of the Sim you’d like to move out. If you want to simply remove a Sim from the game, you can go into Create-a-Sim and delete anyone. You may like this How does a parent punish a child in the Sims?

What to do if you cant switch between Sims 3?

If you delete the .backup extension and rename the save (i.e. SunsetValley1.sims3), it will be available to load at the Main Menu, along with your other saves. But, of course, this will only help you if the backup is from before you used this fix.

How do you change your traits in Sims 3?

Luckily, there is a simple trick you can use to change their traits anytime, not just in character creation. Now you can change your Sim’s traits as many times as you wish! Hold down the ‘Ctrl’, ‘Shift’ and ‘C’ keys on your keyboard at the same time.

What happens if you set a SIM on fire in Sims 3?

After the first shock, they’ll receive the “singed” moodlet. If you can manage to give them another jolt while that moodlet is active, they’ll die. There are multiple ways to set things on fire in The Sims 3, which can result in death if the Sim has no way to escape the area.

How do you move house in Sims 3?

Go to edit town, and save a copy of your household with house (so you don’t have to re-buy the house). Next, evict your family and bulldoze the house. Take the copy you made and put it in the previous house’s place. And Boom! you’re done.

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