How do you unlock weapons on Far Cry 4?

How do you unlock weapons on Far Cry 4?

As a first person shooter, Far Cry 4 has a focus on its weapons….Main Weapons.

Weapon Name:How To Unlock:
LK-1018Complete 4 Longinus Quests
Hunter BowUnlocked through the main campaign
Recurve BowUnlocked when you go to the first store. You can find it on a corpse
.700 NitroLiberate 15 Bell Towers

How do you customize weapons in Far Cry 4?

To do that, pick the weapon that you want to modify. Then, assign it to a specific slot. After that, you access the menu that specifies the statistics of the weapon. You can pick from among three types of upgrades – the barrel, the scope and the magazine.

How do you switch weapons in Far Cry 3?

stick towards the weapon you want, and release the LB or L2. Hold LB or L1 and the selection wheel should pop up. Move the thumb stick (right I think) to the gun you want. You will always switch between the last 2 weapons you’ve used.

How do you equip a gun in Far Cry 3 PC?

2 Answers. Go to one of the weapon shops, select the AK-47 and press ‘Equip’ at the bottom of the screen. You may like this What do you call a curved staircase?

Can you reset outposts in Far Cry 3?

Ubisoft has released a new patch for Far Cry 3 that brings a number of new features to the game. After conquering all the outposts and completing the game, you can reset the outposts by selecting “Reset Outposts” in the gameplay options menu.

How do you destroy cages in Far Cry 4?

As you creep closer to the base, look or the large cage holding the beast. You can sneak up behind the base to get a good view of the cage, and more importantly, the lock. Shoot the lock to destroy it and free the elephant.

What is the aim of Far Cry 4?

He says that the main goal of Far Cry 4, over its predecessor, was to “craft a believable place and making a world that feels real.”

Can you skip Far Cry 4 intro?

Find the game in your library, right click on it, and hit Properties. In the box that pops up is an option for “SET LAUNCH OPTIONS”. Click that, and in the field that appears, put in “-skipintro” (without quotes, and no space).

How do you swim faster in Far Cry 4?

Ajay is an expert swimmer, but you don’t want to be in the water for too long. Otherwise something will eat him. Take a boat instead and make periodic dives to uncover loot chests and other collectibles. While in the water, swim faster by clickin the left stick while tilting in a direction. You may like this Why is Paranormal Activity 3 rated R?

How do you complete Far Cry 4?

To fully achieve 100% completion, the player must specifically fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Complete 34 Campaign Missions.
  2. Complete 5 Shangri-La Missions.
  3. Complete 4 Yogi & Reggie Missions.
  4. Complete 4 Longinus Missions.
  5. Complete 17 Bell Towers.
  6. Complete 24 Outposts.
  7. Complete 4 Fortresses.
  8. Complete 8 Karma Levels.

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