What is the characteristics of AND gate and OR gate?

What is the characteristics of AND gate and OR gate?

The AND gate is a basic digital logic gate that implements logical conjunction – it behaves according to the truth table to the right. A HIGH output (1) results only if all the inputs to the AND gate are HIGH (1). If none or not all inputs to the AND gate are HIGH, LOW output results.

What are the 7 logic gates?

The basic logic gates are classified into seven types: AND gate, OR gate, XOR gate, NAND gate, NOR gate, XNOR gate, and NOT gate. The truth table is used to show the logic gate function. All the logic gates have two inputs except the NOT gate, which has only one input.

What are basic gates explain?

All digital systems can be constructed by only three basic logic gates. These basic gates are called the AND gate, the OR gate, and the NOT gate. Some textbooks also include the NAND gate, the NOR gate and the EOR gate as the members of the family of basic logic gates.

Why logic gates are used?

Computers need a way to manipulate those 1s and 0s, so that they can eventually do more complicated operations like calculating the 50th digit of π. Computers use logic gates to transform the 1s and 0s from input wires. A logic gate accepts inputs and then outputs a result based on their state. You may like this Does DX12 reduce FPS?

Who invented logic gates?

Konrad Zuse

How are logic gates made?

“A logic gate in a microchip is made up of a specific arrangement of transistors. For modern microchips, the transistors are of the kind called Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET), and the semiconductor used is silicon.

How many total logic gates are there?


What are digital logic gates explain?

Digital Logic Gates. A Digital Logic Gate is an electronic circuit which makes logical decisions based on the combination of digital signals present on its inputs. Digital logic gates can have more than one input, for example, inputs A, B, C, D etc., but generally only have one digital output, (Q).

What is the truth table of NOT gate?

The Logic NOT Gate Truth Table You may like this Is Freya a vampire?

SymbolTruth Table
Inverter or NOT GateAQ
Boolean Expression Q = not A or ARead as inverse of A gives Q

WHY IS NOT gate called an inverter?

A NOT gate, often called an inverter, is a nice digital logic gate to start with because it has only a single input with simple behavior. A NOT gate performs logical negation on its input. In other words, if the input is true, then the output will be false.

What is difference between gate and NAND gate?

The NAND Gate is simply an AND Gate with an inverter on the output. Therefore, whatever the output from the AND Gate is, it is inverted or flipped to the opposite state….NAND Gate.


What does an OR gate do?

The OR gate is a digital logic gate that implements logical disjunction – it behaves according to the truth table to the right. A HIGH output (1) results if one or both the inputs to the gate are HIGH (1). If neither input is high, a LOW output (0) results.

What is the symbol of XOR gate?

An XOR gate is also called exclusive OR gate or EXOR. In a two-input XOR gate, the output is high or true when two inputs are different. In Boolean expression, the term XOR is represented by the symbol (⊕) and the Boolean expression is represented as Y = A ⊕ B. It is read as “A xor B”.

What is the point of a NAND gate?

In digital electronics, a NAND gate (NOT-AND) is a logic gate which produces an output which is false only if all its inputs are true; thus its output is complement to that of an AND gate. A LOW (0) output results only if all the inputs to the gate are HIGH (1); if any input is LOW (0), a HIGH (1) output results.

How many NAND gates are required to make an OR gate?

three NAND gates

Can an OR gate have 3 inputs?

Like the AND gate, the OR function can have any number of individual inputs. However, commercial available OR gates are available in 2, 3, or 4 inputs types. Additional inputs will require gates to be cascaded together for example.

How many and gates are required for a 8 to 1 multiplexer?

From the above Boolean equation, the logic circuit diagram of an 8-to-1 multiplexer can be implemented by using 8 AND gates, 1 OR gate and 7 NOT gates as shown in below figure.

Is MUX a universal gate?

It is a combinational circuit which have many data inputs and single output depending on control or select inputs. Multiplexer can act as universal combinational circuit. All the standard logic gates can be implemented with multiplexers.

How many and gates are required for a 4 to 1 multiplexer?

2 Comments. 4 x 1 mux need 4 AND and 1 OR and 2 NOT gates. Replace OR gate with Invert-input NAND , then above circuit will be replace with 2 NOT and 5 NAND , then 2 NANDS for 2 NOT’s , then total 7 NAND gates required.

What is a MUX gate?

The Multiplexer. The multiplexer, shortened to “MUX” or “MPX”, is a combinational logic circuit designed to switch one of several input lines through to a single common output line by the application of a control signal.

What does MUX mean?


When a flip flop is set its outputs will be?

The flip-flop is reset back to its original state with the help of RESET input and the output is Q that will be either at logic level “1” or logic”0”. It depends upon the set/reset condition of the flip-flop. Flip flop word means that it can be “FLIPPED” into one logic state or “FLOPPED” back into another.

How many and gates are required to Realise Y is equal to CD F G?


What does a NOR gate look like?

As you might have suspected, the NOR gate is an OR gate with its output inverted, just like a NAND gate is an AND gate with an inverted output. NOR gates, like all the other multiple-input gates seen thus far, can be manufactured with more than two inputs. The output is “high” (1) only when all inputs are “low” (0).

Which logic is the fastest of all the logic families?

Emitter-coupled logic

Which logic gates are universal?

A universal gate is a gate which can implement any Boolean function without need to use any other gate type. The NAND and NOR gates are universal gates. In practice, this is advantageous since NAND and NOR gates are economical and easier to fabricate and are the basic gates used in all IC digital logic families.

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