Where is Zhi Lan in wizard101?

Where is Zhi Lan in wizard101?

Zhi Lan is the “Furniture Shop Keeper” in MooShu. She is located in the southwest area of Jade Palace, inside the MooShu Furniture & Castle Shop.

Where do you get the equipment crafting station in wizard101?

You can get one from any of the Furniture shopkeepers from Krokotopia through Dragonspyre. The shopkeeper in the earliest world is Ea’rik on Krokosphinx Island.

How can I make my crafting station better?

Re: How do you get better crafting stations Crafting tables can be purchased at housing shoppes, and often, you can find them in the Bazaar. Given your level, you might be in Krok or Marleybone, both of which have crafting tables for sale in their individual housing shoppes.

How do you make dagger of absolution in wizard101?

Recipe:Dagger of Absolution You may like this Do animals die in fear the walking dead?

  1. 2 Sapphire.
  2. 4 Black Coal.
  3. 2 Mist Wood.
  4. 2 Cat Tail.

Where do you get parchment in wizard101?


Can you buy parchment in wizard101?

Re: Finding Parchment Alternately, you can buy it at the bazaar in Olde Town, Wizard City.

Where can I buy stone blocks?

You can find them all over — Pyramid of the Sun, Krokosphinx, and Temple of Storms all have them in the hallways. Another place for stone blocks is Crab Alley. You can also find stone blocks all over Marlybone, and close to any type of stonework in Wysteria and Mooshu.

How do I get to Krokosphinx?

After you defeat the throne room of fire talk to the Marlyboney in the altar of kings. He will tell you to go to the Krokosphinx. Talk to sergant major talbot to go on the boat to the Krokosphinx. First thing you do in the Krokosphinx is go to the school of balance and talk to the teacher.

Where can I farm stone blocks?

Re: Tip on Farming Stone Blocks Go to the Necropolis in Dragonspyre, and when you get to the giant floating orb, the ring outside should have some stone blocks. Usually there are 2 located in different corners. You may like this What kind of word is possibility?

What do active stone blocks do in Terraria?

An Active Stone Block is a foreground object. This means it looks and behaves as an ordinary Stone Block, inhibits movement, allows entities to stand or walk on it, blocks light, and can stop liquids. An Inactive Stone Block is a background object.

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