Who will sesshomaru end up with?

Who will sesshomaru end up with?

Sesshōmaru carrying Towa and Setsuna Sesshōmaru refused to inherit his father’s title as the Lord of the Western Lands. He married Rin, a mortal. More than four years after the fight against Root Head, Rin gave birth to their twin daughters.

Does sesshomaru fall in love with Kagura?

Over time, Kagura even developed feelings for Sesshōmaru. Rin believed that Kagura may be in love with Sesshōmaru, but it’s never clearly stated.

Is Rin Sesshomaru a wife?


Did Rin marry sesshomaru?

Rin married Sesshomaru and became his wife at some point in time before the events in Yashahime. She then gave birth to their twin daughters, Towa and Setsuna, soon after which they were left in the forest. Since Rin started traveling with him, her warmness and kindness significantly affected Sesshomaru. You may like this Is Dynasty Season 4 in production?

Who kills Kagura?

In the manga, it was killed by Kohaku. In the manga, Sesshōmaru does not battle Mōryōmaru before Kagura’s death. The battle with Mōryōmaru happens after Kagura’s death. Episode 2 of the final act is from about 14 different chapters from volumes 38, 39 and 41 out of order.

Does Rin marry sesshomaru?

Did sesshomaru die?

As revealed in Episode 15 of the series, the two of them have actually been sealed away within a mysterious black pearl. With the power of this pearl, Sesshomaru actually ends up sealing both Inuyasha and Kagome inside of it. Thus he does save them from death, but also completely removed them from the picture.

Is sesshomaru good or bad?

Sesshomaru is an antagonist-turned-anti-hero in the anime/manga series Inuyasha. He is Inuyasha’s older half-brother, an extremely powerful full-blooded demon.

Did Kagome ever die?

Following three years after this event, she had returned back to Inuyasha and given birth to a daughter named Moroha. However, after the confirmation of a sequel, and promotional trailer and art, it looks like Kagome has already died.

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