What kind of game is Dinosaur King DS?

What kind of game is Dinosaur King DS?

Incase if you are wondering.Dinosaur King Ds is a rock,scissors,paper game. You are given an option to choose either one of them,the opponent will also choose one move.If that move wins.You will get to do some damage to the oppoment.If the opponent wins,you will not be able to even attack on that turn.

What kind of dinosaurs are in Dinosaur King?

Fire Dinosaurs. 1 D01 Tyrannosaurus. 2 D02 Carcharodontosaurus. 3 D03 Torvosaurus. 4 D04 Acrocanthosaurus. 5 D05 Giganotosaurus. 6 D06 Tarbosaurus. 7 D07 Gorgosaurus. 8 D08 Mapusaurus. 9 D09 Daspletosaurus. 10 D10 Rajasaurus.

What do you need to play Dinosaur King?

Yellow : Need the advanced radar and drill. Orange : Need the super deluxe radar and drill. Red : Need the Ultimate radar and Master’s drill. You will be able to upgrade your radar and drill as you proceed in the game. Excavation Radar :Starting point of the game.

What are the move cards for Dinosaur King?

Move Cards- They are moves that you can equip on to your dinosaur ,If your dinosaur has a 500 attack power for scissors example,and you equip Heavy Kamikaze Tackle (1.5dmg). The damage (Hp)that you will inflict on your oppoment is 750.A dinosaur with a scissors critical move will learn mostly scissors move,same goes for paper and stone.

When did the Dinosaur King game come out?

Dinosaur King is a video game for the Nintendo DS that is based on the Dinosaur King anime and was released in November 2007 for Japan and September 2008 for America and Europe.

How many dinosaurs can you carry at a time on DS?

D-Site Regional Branch Heads (Europe, Asia, N. America, Antarctica, Africa) (D-Site support) The DS game features many old and new battle mechanics compared to the arcade. Players may carry up to three Dinosaurs in their DinoShot at a time, each with up to three (later four) compatible Move Cards (with default Moves filling unassigned slots).

What happens to disabled dinosaurs in Dinosaur King?

Disabled Dinosaurs do not gain EXP no matter their degree of participation in the battle, as EXP is only rewarded at the end of a battle; all Disabled Dinosaurs are revived with 1 HP after each battle. If all of a player’s Dinosaurs run out of HP and the player loses the battle, they are returned to the nearest D-Site and their party is restored.

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