Where can I find diamonds in Rune Factory 3?

Where can I find diamonds in Rune Factory 3?

Diamonds are found in the 5th dungeon like you said, and that doesn’t open until after you propose. Luckily, though, Diamonds aren’t really needed too much until you get to the higher-level equipment such as the Diamond Brooch and the Platinum Sheild.

Where to get ruby in rune factory2?

In Aegis Falls in the Triste Forest there should be a small bridge. After you cross the bridge, immediately go down into a small area with 2 rocks, and the ruby.

Where can I find gold in rf4?


Copper MineralObsidian Mansion
Silver MineralDelirium Lava Ruins, Autumn Road, Maya Road
Gold MineralIdra Cave, Maya Road
Amethyst MineralYokmir Forest, Maya Road

How long is Rune Prana?

This is the largest dungeon in the game, and will probably take several days or even several weeks of game time to fully explore it. There are seven sections of this dungeon, and the difficulty will jump quite a bit here. You may like this How do you use the hammer in Poptropica?

How do you unlock Rune Prana?

Getting into Rune Prana requires sufficient progess through Arc 3, including beating Leon Karnak 2. It’ll be a little while before you can get there. You could always dive through Sharance Maze a bit if you’re feeling bored.

Where to find ore in Rune Factory 4?

Ship it so Raven will sell it. Yup, Yokmir cave, go to the part that needs Kiel to examine a target spot and he’ll find a hidden pass, hit the switch and that will open a route to a chest with silver in it. He’s bluffing!

Do you need 2528 version of Rune Factory 2?

– Now you need to use the 2528 version of the JP Rune Factory 2 ROM. This is because, this rom is a bit more compatible with the English version. – Quest are fixed! (well kinda..): Now works, but with some graphical glitches. When you take a quest, the NOW icon doesn’t appear, but the quest is still taken and you can do it normally.

How to get free RuneScape ores for free?

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. some people seem to have trouble finding the ores or run out and forgot where they got it from so I had the Idea to make this board to help them… Thanks for making this list.

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