Who is hurt by the third bomb that goes off at the bridal shower?

Who is hurt by the third bomb that goes off at the bridal shower?

One of these is that Westing’s murderer has decided to strike again, and another is that it is someone playing pranks (that go wrong when people are injured). It is when the third bomb goes off that someone (Angela Wexler) is seriously injured. (The second bomb resulted in the minor injury of Sydelle Pulaski.)

What noble thing did Angela do at her shower?

What noble thing did Angela do at her shower? Saved Turtle from being harmed by the bomb.

What happens to Angela Wexler?

After the dust settles from the Westing game, Angela breaks up with Dr. Deere and goes back to college. Five years later, she’s in the middle of med school and runs into Dr. Deere again.

What happens in Chapter 16 of the Westing Game?

Chapter 16 Angela had started her wedding shower with all of her moms friends. As they were sharing gifts turtle tried to grab one and Angela scream no and took it and a bomb went off in her face. Angela probably knew there was a bomb in their but why. She had to go to the hospital though after becuase her face got scraped and scratched. Chapter 17 You may like this What did the moon look like on February 20?

What are the most important events in the Westing Game?

The most important events in “The Westing Game” include when everyone moves in to Sunset Towers, Turtle sees a dead body, the will is read and tenants are paired, a bomb goes off at the coffee …

How did Sandy mcsouthers die in the Westing Game?

Sandy McSouthers had died of a heart attck and Bertha Crow confessed. In chapter 25 Crow had already been arrested and Sandy was dead. Turtle was super depressed because Sandy had been her good friend. Grace Wexler was still drunk and sleeping.

Who is the last person to appear in the Westing Game?

Sydelle Pulaski appears last in a purple wave dress. Then the will starts. Chapter 6 summary In chapter 6 the lawyer starts reading of the will. The lawyer explained that Mr. westing was killed by one of them, and Mr. westing is going to give all of them $10,000.

What are the events in the Westing Game?

The first explosion is in the coffee shop, and the second is in the Chinese restaurant. The second one injures Sydelle. The sixth event is during the wedding shower of Angela (Turtle’s sister) when a third bomb goes off and injures her face. For event seven, Turtle sets another bomb to protect her sister, whom she has identified as the bomber.

What happens at Angela’s bridal shower in Westing Game?

When the second bomb goes off, Sydelle is injured and Angela is really worried. When Dr. Deere takes her to visit Sydelle in the hospital, he and Angela argue about whether she even wants to get married at all. The third bomb goes off during Angela’s bridal shower: it’s a present that explodes while she’s opening it. You may like this When did the last thing hit Earth?

What happens in Chapter 21 of the Westing Game?

In chapter 21 another bomb goes off. No one knows who set off the bomb but then we find a clue leading to Turtle. When her mom questions Turtle, she says she wants a lawyer.

What happens at the Sunset Towers in the Westing Game?

A diverse group of unconnected people, both families and individuals, live together in at the Sunset Towers until a young girl, Turtle, discovers the body of Sam Westing after entering the Westing mansion on a dare. After his body is discovered, the tenants learn that each of them is considered heirs to…

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