Why did mutsuki go crazy?

Why did mutsuki go crazy?

Because of Sasaki’s kindness and assurance, Mutsuki has looked up to him greatly. Mutsuki’s descent into insanity. After his torturous experience with the ghoul, Karao Saeki, Mutsuki fell into complete insanity. His love for Haise Sasaki transformed into an unhealthy obsession for him.

Why is Juuzou’s hair white?

See Kaneki, Arima, and the current mess that is Haise’s hair. Hair turning from light to dark seems to symbolize regaining humanity. So Juuzou, who started out with white hair…his hair would have turned black to symbolize his reclamation of his humanity.

Does Juuzou become a ghoul?

Juuzou was kidnapped at a young age and raised as a pet of a ghoul known as Big Madam. She inflicted a lot of torture on him which made him so strong (could handle pain well) eventually he became a scrapper at the ghoul restaurant which he did not enjoy and felt sick doing but eventually got used to.

Is kaneki and Juuzou brothers?

Kaneki and Juuzou were originally created to be long-lost brothers. Kaneki and Yamori went through similar torture methods that made them change their personalityes completely.

Did kaneki kill Juuzou?

Well many of you anime only’s or those who are not caught up with manga may not know this. But on chapter 144 of Tokyo Ghoul Re: Fan favorite Juuzou Suzuya is killed by kaneki.

How did kaneki lose his memory?

How did Kaneki lose his memories? Kaneki lost his memories after his defeat at the hands of Kishou Arima in the Owl Extermination Operation. Contrary to the popular belief, Kaneki suffered from amnesia not because of the brain damage he received, but because he forcefully suppressed his memories.

Did Haise kill Juuzou?

The audience urge him to fight on and express their frustration and disappointment over his loss. The scene changes to Haise greeting Juuzou back in Re: Chapter 11. This time, however, Haise impales Suzuya with his kagune, killing him and shocking Hanbee Abara, Kuki Urie and Tooru Mutsuki.

Did the devil ape and black dog died?

It is revealed both she and Koma had died at some unspecified point, and their bodies were taken by Kaiko to Akihiro Kanou. Using Quinque technology known as “Spieldose”, he was able to revive her, Koma, and their former gangs (the Black Dobers and the Apes) and place them under V’s control.

Does the black dog die?

The dog is allegedly headless, and leaps over the side of the bridge and into the water, although it can be heard barking at night. It is considered a death omen, and reports claim that anybody who has seen it died within a year.

Does the devil ape die?

He emerged to defend Anteiku as The Devil Ape, leading a group of monkey masked ghouls, who once occupied the 20th Ward. He nearly died in a fight against Mougan, but was saved by Kaneki. However, he may have been killed by Arima, as he tried to escape through Route V14.

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