How do I get more people to come to Sanctuary?

How do I get more people to come to Sanctuary?

Many random NPCs will talk to you about their woes, and you can provide them with a solution: come to Sanctuary. Once you’ve said all of the right things the settler or random person will ask if they can actually stay, at which point you can direct them to whichever of your owned settlements you want them to go to.

How do you get the Minutemen settlers?

Go into the console and click on the Minuteman you want in your settlement and type “Addkeyword workshopallowmove”. This command will allow you to move the Minuteman to another settlement as if they were a Settler. Now go into the workshop, and move them to the Settlement you are in.

How many settlers are there in the sanctuary?

People- 11 Food -18 Water- 40 Power- 33 Defense- 54 Beds- 20 Happiness- 80. It’s been over 100 hours in game time and still only 11 settlers. I know i can go to other settlements and make settlers move to sanctuary but then i wont have people at those settlements.

How do you get more people to come to sanctuary?

Once the beacon is built and hooked up to power just activate it and the signal should draw in a few new people. Once Sanctuary gets too crowded you can always repeat this process at one of your smaller settlements. You may like this How does division rival rewards work?

Why is there no water in the sanctuary?

Didn’t find a solution and taking out everything, including water, didn’t fixed it, like i already said above. I even tried to fix it by removing all the industriell water pumps and only placing the small pumps that generate 3 Water, still no new water.

How to get more settlers in my settlements?

Select excess settlers in those locations via the workshop mode (hold V down until it appears in the settlement radius) then target an excess settler and select “R” to “Move” him to a different settlement. Select “Sanctuary Hills” when the locations sub menu pops up.

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