How do you counter Medusa late game?

How do you counter Medusa late game?

Just scatter and wait out when she ults and then burst her down. She is nothing without mana and that’s where diffusal blades and heavy nukes shut her down. that medusa is not scary at all.

How do you Lane vs Medusa?

The trick with Medusa is she’s omega tanky before her mana runs out at which point she turns into literal paper, so if you’re able to right click her a lot do it. remember that she needs mana both to tank and to spam snake so if you hit her enough while she has shield on, she won’t be able to cast her snake.

How do you stop Medusa in Dota 2?

Blink, burning her mana or forcing her to use Stone Gaze. Mana Void is effective against Medusa’s big mana pool and mana usage, presenting a huge hazard to Medusa’s allies around her since her Mana Shield still gives her some protection if she has mana.

Is Medusa a mid hero?

Medusa is one of the most straight forward heroes in Dota 2. The gameplay of his hero is very simple and very effective at the same time. Once you master it, you will be able to win game after game. As always you can check the steam guide here. You may like this Who is the best card in injustice?

Does silence disable mana shield?

It silences, but that works both ways. You can’t activate something, but you can’t deactivate it either. Because you should be DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! Unlike other silences, Doom prevents the target from using items and disables some passive abilities.

Does BKB stop Medusa ULT?

Now this is the most broken skill in the game. For 6 seconds no one can fight her, even with bkb. She can only use her ulti to escape because she’s useless in early-mid games.

Can you purge break Dota 2?

Break isn’t a debuff, some debuffs apply break, some can be purged, others can’t. Doom, can’t.

Can Break Be dispel?

Sources of Break Pierces spell immunity, cannot be dispelled.

Can abaddon deny himself?

As abaddon you could just buy a clarity and sit in the trees spamming mist coil for infinite sustain. Similarly pudge could force the enemy to use a lot of regen by trading with his high base damage, rot and flesh heap and then walk away and deny himself. You may like this What does a black bandana mean?

Can you break borrowed time?

PSA: Borrowed Time does not trigger automatically below 400 HP when Abaddon is affected by Break. Eventhough it has an active component, the passive triggering of the spell is disabled when affected by break.

Does doom apply break?

Doom applies Break and increases duration.

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