How do you get the beehive in harvest moon back to nature?

How do you get the beehive in harvest moon back to nature?

First, you need to visit Won in the inn and buy flower seed from him. Plant the seed and wait until the bees come to your farm. Then you will find the bees on the tree next to your pond. If you want better price for your honey, go visit Louis in the carpenter’s house and give him a honey.

How do you get money in harvest moon back to nature?

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Money tips

  1. Know the shipping bin. It’s the box where you should put the items you want to sell.
  2. Hit the mine.
  3. Collect fruits and other items from the forest.
  4. Get a fishing rod from the fisher-man on Saturday.
  5. Buy a bin.
  6. Slow down on giving gifts.

What happens to your dog in Harvest Moon?

Your dog also has a second hidden Intelligence stat in this videogame that starts at 0 and can never decrease. When he becomes an adult you will be able to purchase a ball that you can use to play with your dog. If you throw the ball, the dog barks, gets the ball and returns it to you its intelligence will go up by 3 points.

Are there any cheats for Harvest Moon back to nature?

*Give an egg everyday to the waterfall one day the harvest goddes will appear. That’s all see you later when I have MORE CHEATS! FALSE SECRET!!!! This secret is not true. Although the Horse Stable may seem to be able to fit another horse, there is no room in the start menu. You may like this How to get legendary sword in Harvest Moon DS?

How do you get fishing pole in Harvest Moon?

To obtain the fishing pole, you must get 50 fish in your pond, then Greg will come and give you it. You need to be friends with Gray, give him gifts of ore everyday. In the Fall or year 1 or 2 you will wake up one morning and Gray will be in your house. He will ask you to use your watermill to make a hammer.

What do animals do in Harvest Moon back to nature?

In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature all animals have a hidden affection score. The maximum amount of affection points any animal can have is 255 and for every 25 points they’ll go up a heart level. You can see the heart level for each of your animals in the start menu.

How do you get puppies in Harvest Moon?

Bring your dog to Barley house in corner of town, exactly in where you buy a cow or a sheep. After that, talk with him. You in here will leave your dog at least in one week. After one week, go back to barley home, take your dog back, and what you see here, your dog have a puppies, but you can’t have it.

Can you get married in Harvest Moon back to nature?

Now that that’s out of the way lets get started! * This is a short guide to marriage for one of the coolest games on the Psx Game Console, (Drum Roll, Please) Harvest Moon: Back to Nature! This guide will take you through the various steps to marriage, and which girl to choose, as well as some questions many of you may have asked.

What happens if you drop a hen in Harvest Moon?

If somehow, you bring your dog or hen in your hand and drop them right on the door (any door), they might get stuck and you cannot get them back, because when you press X you open the door instead of picking up the animal. The only thing you can do is to wait, pray that your dog or hen will eventually find their own way to free themself. You may like this What are the different types of skill on Howrse?

When to add other fun stuff to do in Harvest Moon?

Added the “Other Fun Stuff to Do” section with other fun things you can do with the girls before and after you are married! Oct, 11th: Yay! Finished the first section of “Other Fun Stuff to Do!”

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