Is there a video game called Valkyrie Profile?

Is there a video game called Valkyrie Profile?

“Valkyrie Profile” is quite a well-writen and addictive game that is excellent relief from the plague of the repetitive “Final Fantasy” series or the akward “Megami Tensei” games (though Persona subseries was great).

Who is the goddess in the Japanese version of Valkyrie?

Frey in the Japanese version is the goddess in the green outfit while Freya is the goddess in the mahogany clothing. In the North American version, the names are reversed. Aryuze is also known as Arngrim. Princess Shirad is also known as Princess Jelanda. Rory is also known as Llewelyn.

Who are the main characters in the game Valkyrie?

Princess Shirad is also known as Princess Jelanda. Rory is also known as Llewelyn. Aimee is also known as Aelia. Jake Linnas is also known as Janus. Yumeiru is also known as Yumei. Rezard is re-translated to Lezard.

Who is playing suo in Valkyrie Profile Lenneth?

The English cast credits list Suo as being played by Jimmy Zoppi and Belenus by Ed Paul. This error was not corrected for the PSP remake, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. See more » Valkyrie : It will be engraved upon your soul! You may like this How do you change the language on World at War?

When did Valkyrie Profile come out in Japan?

Valkyrie Profile (ヴァルキリープロファイル, Varukirī Purofairu) is a role-playing video game developed by tri-Ace and published by Enix for the PlayStation. It was released on December 22, 1999 in Japan and on August 29, 2000 in North America.

How much does a copy of Valkyrie Profile cost?

A review by IGN also praised the game, noting the deep, if complicated, gameplay system, and heavily praising the writing, plot, and characterization. Due to the positive review scores and relative rarity of the game used copies of Valkyrie Profile sell for $90, which is more than its initial retail price.

Is there a PSP version of Valkyrie Profile?

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is the PlayStation Portable (PSP) port of the original Valkyrie Profile developed by TOSE and published by Square Enix in 2006. The port is of the Japanese PlayStation version and does not have any of the gameplay improvements or changes made to the original English version,…

Which is the first game in the Valkyrie series?

The first game of the Valkyrie Profile Series released on the Sony PlayStation. It focuses on the reawakening of Lenneth Valkyrie, who is given the task to recruit and train fallen human warriors for the Aesir in a war against the Vanir.

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