Who won Brock Lesnar or The Rock?

Who won Brock Lesnar or The Rock?


9Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) defeated The Rock (c)Singles match for the WWE Undisputed Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match H – indicates the match was broadcast prior to the pay-per-view on Sunday Night Heat

Why did The Rock lose to Brock Lesnar?

The report says the Lesnar beatdown was Rock’s idea. Rock continued to wrestle, and word is that the muscle continued to tear from his pelvis. By the time the match was over, both his abdominal and abductor muscle had torn completely off the pelvis. During the match, Rock kept his pain fairly well hidden.

Who ever beat Brock Lesnar?

Drew McIntyre

How many times has Brock Lesnar lost in WWE?

Brock Lesnar
By knockout2
By submission1
No contests1

Who is better Goldberg or Lesnar?

Ultimately, the man who had the better career—hands down—was Brock Lesnar. The man was a “Paul Heyman guy” as CM Punk puts it, was pushed to the moon from day one, held more titles than Goldberg and had great matches with many of WWE’s top stars of the day. You may like this Can you overfeed a rabbit?

Why is Brock Lesnar not in WWE 2020?

The Beast Incarnate hasn’t been seen in WWE since he dropped the title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36 in April of this year. The 43-year-old’s contract lapsed during the summer and given the travel restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Lesnar has stayed home in Canada.

Is Brock Lesnar still a wrestler?

Brock Lesnar remains one of the most dominant pro wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle. He had two tremendous runs in WWE, both of which resulted in him winning major World Championships and being a huge draw for fans. Paul Heyman just reacted to a ‘nasty’ Brock Lesnar rumor.

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