Can you watch Lego chocolate cake on YouTube?

Can you watch Lego chocolate cake on YouTube?

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How much does a cafe corner Lego set cost?

With exactly 2,056 pieces, the Cafe Corner Lego set (released in 2007) is now going for around $2,500, which has risen drastically from its original price of $139.99. There are many outstanding reviews written by builders who have all praised that what makes this set so great is its cutting edge design.

Which is the best Lego set of all time?

It may seem like a lot, but the Imperial Star Destroyer has consistently received five-star reviews and is claimed to be one of the best Lego sets of all time from many of its owners. The Grand Carousel is one of the rarest, most visually appealing Lego sets ever made.

What was the first Lego set ever made?

The King’s Castle was the first set to be released in 1984 and although (for some reason) it doesn’t actually feature a King mini figure, it still consists of four archers and knights, two spear-men, and two battle axe fighters, among the 664 pieces it takes to build the castle structure. You may like this Is Kirby Super Star 2 player?

Is it possible to make a Lego cake?

But the truth is, you don’t need to be a professional cake decorator to make your child an incredibly cool DIY LEGO cake for their next birthday! EASY LEGO CAKE IDEA – you can make a simple LEGO brick cake by baking your favorite cake and using marshmallows for the brick top! LEGO CAKE – this colorful LEGO cake is great for kids of all ages!

What kind of cake is shaped like a Lego brick?

Not to mention the Lego Birthday Cake is scattered with handmade Lego Bricks too. This must have taken a while to complete. Now, I can imagine this cake be is really easy to make. Shaped like a large yellow Lego Brick you can get the full recipe and cooking instructions at

When did I Make my Son a Lego birthday cake?

Cake I made for my son’s 6th birthday. Lego Chima is the newest in the Lego line and has a TV series that premiered in January 2013. The characters are Laval the lion and Cragger the croc. This lego cake was fun but the tiling of the blocks took forever!

How big is a 10 inch Lego cake?

A 10 inch vanilla cake covered with bc and fondant. There are 9,625 of those little ‘nibs’, on the top of the legos everyone of them cut by hand. (Okay, I’m just kidding, there were really only 325 little ’nib’s.)

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