How do I farm level 4 spheres in FFX?

How do I farm level 4 spheres in FFX?

For level 4 spheres bribe the chimera enemy in the Calm lands to get x2 spheres for 200,000. To be able to get that 200k gil faster kill mimics at the Omega Ruins. Those drop 50k gil, or 100k if you have the gillionarie ability equipped.

Can you buy spheres in FFX?

You can get Power spheres by overkilling Kottos in the monster arena after throwing it a Power distiller. If you can’t customize yet, you will just have to random battle alot. The small lizard type fiends drop speed spheres I think.

How much HP does Kottos have FFX?

Kottos has only 440,000 HP, which is low compared to other Area Conquest fiends. One way to beat it is cast Protect on the party’s tank, and then use Sentinel so that they will take all enemy attacks, saving the other party members.

How do you bribe in FFX?

Bribe Mechanics You will need to reach a certain gil amount in order to bribe an enemy, but even then, there is only a chance that the bribe will be successful. That being said, once you have given enough gil to an enemy, adding any additional gil will stack on the previous gil that you gave it. You may like this Where do I get dark blade?

Where do I farm power spheres FFX?

Bikanel is probably the best spot, since when overkilled the lesser enemies drop two Al Bhed Potions in addition to two normal spheres. Use Extract Power on each of them, and she can quickly collect 12 Power Spheres per battle.

What is the fastest way to get power spheres in FFX?

Go to the Mi’ihen Highroad. Capture a Mi’ihen Fang, Ipiria, Floating Eye, White Element, Raldo, Vouivre, Bomb and Dual Horn. All you have to do to capture a monster is kill it using a weapon with “Catch” on it. Defeating the enemies on the Mi’ihen Highroad is trivial by the point you can get “Catch” weapons.

How do I beat Fafnir FFX?

Strategy. Fafnir has low agility but its armored status makes up for it. Open up the fight with Rikku’s Frag Grenade or Auron’s Banishing blade then keep using physical attack until Fafnir dies.

How do you use distillers in FFX?

Distillers can be used during a regular battle to cause the enemy to drop additional Sphere items. The most effective way to use Distillers is to use them on Kottos enemies in the Monster Arena.

Where can I buy distillers FFX?

You can get the distillers in the Battle Arena. You may like this What is the easiest monk set dungeon?

What does distill speed do in FFX?

User Info: Karifean. If you hit an enemy with it, that enemy will drop a Speed Sphere instead of what it would normally drop.

What does distill Mana mean in Final Fantasy 10?

Distill Mana is a weapon Auto-Ability for the game Final Fantasy X. It can be customized to a weapon by using 2 Mana Sphere.

What does extract ability do in FFX?

Extract Ability replaces whatever item the defeated enemy was suppose to drop with Ability Sphere(s). One Ability Sphere is award for using Extract Ability, but two will be awarded for an Overkill.

What is sensor FFX?

Sensor is an auto-ability that allows the player to view an opponent’s current HP, maximum HP, and elemental resistances whenever targeting an enemy.

What does counterattack do in FFX?

Weapon abilities

CounterattackFriend SphereCounterattack when attacked physically.
Evade and CounterTeleport SphereEvade then counter physical attacks.
Magic CounterShining GemCharacter counters when hit with magic.
Magic BoosterTurbo EtherMagic damage x2; MP usage x2

What does Deathtouch do in FFX?

Death Touch is a weapon Auto-Ability for the game Final Fantasy X. Its effect sometimes adds death to attacks and skills. It can be customized to a weapon by using 30 Farplane Shadow.

How does Gillionaire work FFX?

Gillionaire simply increases the amount of gil dropped after each battle. Rikku’s Godhand weapon automatically has the Gillionaire auto-ability added to it when it is fully charged up.

How much HP do mimics have FFX?

Mimic A

HP (Ovk)MP
60000 (13560)10

Does Gillionaire stack FFX?

Final Fantasy X The effect doesn’t stack in case various characters are equipped with the Gillionaire ability.

How do I get Gillionaire FFX?

Gillionaire: Get double gil when you win a fight. Get Rikku’s Godhand fully powered or customise with 30x designer wallet. (Designer wallet: Capture omega ruins fiends for 60, or steal from Don Tonberry using master thief). The character with Gillionaire must be in the front line when the monster is killed.

Can you capture defender Z?

The easiest way to defeat Defender Z is to hit them with Provoke, as Blast Punch cannot KO. They should then easily be defeated. Unlike Defender X, the Black Magic Demi is effective and able to do 9,999 damage due to Defender Z’s high hit point total, ideally Doublecasted to deal nearly 20,000 damage each time.

How do I farm money in FFX?

All monster arena creations always drop equipment when defeated, many of which can be sold for decent amounts of cash. Example: Kill One-Eye in the arena (capture flying eyeballs to unlock). Sell any unwanted triple AP weapons he drops. You can earn over 3,000,000 gil per hour with this method.

How many designer wallets does Gillionaire have?

Gillionaire Basic Information It can be customized to a weapon by using 30 Designer Wallet.

How do I get pendulum FFX?

User Info: Lewkis. I know the primary ways of getting Pendulums consists of bribing 1.4 million to Ultima Weapon for 99, bribing 990k to Master Tonberries for 3 (or so), or winning the Remiem race for 30.

Does Ffx remaster have cheats?

Unfortunately the new Xbox One and Switch ports don’t have those cheats for some reason. That means those who buy the Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster on those formats can’t make use of auto-save, or turn on high-speed or no encounter modes.

How do you kill one eye FFX?


  1. Well if ur stats are high and u have the Celestial weapons, then u can kill him in like a few seconds.
  2. If you summon and it’s still hard, just try lvling first.
  3. I love it when people leave the original subject…
  4. The absolute easiest way to kill One-Eye is with Aeons.

How do I get ribbon armor FFX?

User Info: KSA_ZACK. Just fight Yojimbo over and over until he drops them. You can fight him 4 times, save and then reload and fight him 4 more times. Repeat until you get all that you want.

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