How do you get the golden egg in SOS FOMT?

How do you get the golden egg in SOS FOMT?

They need to win the chicken festival. they need to win the festival and have a certain number of hearts. but it’s hard if you keep them outside because if they get sunlight, they’ll go straight from large eggs to x-sized eggs. you can try reloading the game to see if the mayor asks you for something else.

How long does it take an egg to hatch in Friends of Mineral Town?

3 days

What does popuri like in Harvest Moon?

She is slightly naive and admires more worldly individuals such as Karen and Kai, the latter of which she has a large crush on. If you chose not to pursue Popuri’s affection, she may marry Kai instead.

How do you run story of seasons?

Hold down Right Shoulder to make the farmer run in the direction the last tap of the Left Stick directed them to run. This button is also handy for passing by people or farm animals, as by default their forward progress is stopped when they are blocked by your farmer. You may like this Is Sookie pregnant in True Blood?

How do you equip items in Mineral Town?

But all you need to do is use the right joystick to toggle through items in the bag, upon highlighting an item it will select it for you and you’ll be able to give it to people/feed animals. re: Story of seasons: friends of mineral town – how to equip items from the bag?

What is the confirm button in story of seasons?

Menu Controls

Left Control Stick/Directional ButtonsMove the cursor.
A ButtonConfirm the current selection.
B ButtonCancel.
L Button/R ButtonSwitch between tabs.

How do you fill a watering can in story of seasons?

Fill With Water First Go beside a well or a river then press Y to fill your Watering Can with water.

How do you give gifts in Mineral Town?

To give a gift to the Harvest Goddess in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town you simply need to toss it into the pond. The Harvest Goddess will then appear to thank you for your gift or rage if you decided to throw some rubbish into her spring.

Where can I store items in story of seasons?

Make Use Of Storage Boxes Storage boxes will allow you to store items outside of your backpack for safekeeping. They can easily be made with available materials around so long as you’ve unlocked them for crafting. You may like this Do YouTubers see all comments?

What is the fastest way to level up your tools in story of seasons?

go to the spring mine. Use your desired tool until nearly exhausted. Go out, rest in the spa until fully rested, go back into mine, repeat. I’m in year 1 spring, nearing the end of the month, and I’ve got the majority of my tools upgraded to gold.

How do you get money in Mineral Town?

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town: 15 Ways To Make Gold Fast

  1. 15 Forage For Valuables.
  2. 14 Vary Your Harvests.
  3. 13 Choose Your Crops Wisely.
  4. 12 Use The Nature Sprites.
  5. 11 Make Smart Choices With Livestock.
  6. 10 Grab A Basket.
  7. 9 Go Fishing.
  8. 8 Upgrade Your Tools.

How do you get glass story of seasons?

It can be obtained by striking the ore veins present in any Mine. You will need the Glass crafting recipe which can be unlocked when you reach the Mining Level 5 or above. Then, head to the Notebook > Crafting tab to craft Glass easily.

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