How much money can I get for selling my PS3 to GameStop?

How much money can I get for selling my PS3 to GameStop?

Retailers like GameStop will accept an Xbox 360 (S model) 320 GB system or a PS3 500 GB system for $110, according to its current trade-values listing.

How much could I sell my PS1 for?

How Much Is A PS One Worth? A used PSOne can sell for anywhere between $18 -280 depending on condition and bundle size. The PSOne, sometimes referred to as the PS1 Slim, is a streamlined version of the original PS1 console.

How much can you sell a PS3 for?

Sell PS3 Consoles & Games with musicMagpie! How much can you sell a PS3 for? Just how much can you sell a PS3 for? This depends on what the market is selling them for at the time. But at musicMagpie we always to give you our best possible price for your old PS3 console. Want to know how much you can make off your PS3?

What’s the price of a PlayStation 3 controller?

The prices mentioned here are for PlayStation 3 consoles with a standard controller and power supply. Your PS3 can be worth more if you have accessories like extra controllers, headsets, zapper guns, or Guitar Hero equipment. In general, you can expect to get around $5 to $65 more per accessory. Learn more about selling pro gaming controllers. You may like this How to play Monkey Go Happy Level 2?

How much money can you get from GameStop?

Gamestop is cheap and selfish, and truthfully, if you were to give them about 3 brand new games, you’ll probably get about 50 dollars or 60 dollars. It depends what their current trade in value is.

How can I Sell my game console for more money?

Selling your game console directly to another person on Swappa means that you get paid in cash, not some store gift card that you’ll never use. And since selling on Swappa cuts out the greedy middlemen, you’ll always make more money. But how much more are we talking?

What is the Best PS3 game ever?

The best PS3 games of all time 15. Dead Space 2 14. Journey 13. XCOM : Enemy Unknown 12. Wolfenstein : The New Order 11. The Walking Dead 10 . Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 9. GTA 5 8. Red Dead Redemption 7. BioShock 6. Uncharted 2

Where can you buy a PS3?

You can buy a PS3 on eBay at low price but you are prone to fraud by the seller because he can sell you defective item. So my advice for you is to purchase the console through online portals like olx where you will be directly meeting the potential seller and also see the working condition…

What PS3 games are backwards compatible?

Top Voted Answer. 1. Some models of the 80GB PS3 are backwards compatible with PS2 games. Specifically, the older ones. 2. ALL 60GB models of the PS3 ever released are backwards compatible with PS2 games. You may like this Are there any GameStop stores open on Sundays?

What is Super Slim PS3?

The entire PS3 family. In look, shape, and design aesthetic, the Super Slim PS3 resembles something of a hybrid between the PS3 Slim and the original PlayStation 3 that was released back in 2006. That said, it’s much smaller, measuring 11.4 inches wide by 2.36 inches tall by 9.05 inches deep.

Will GameStop buy PS3 games?

Good question, they MIGHT buy the system but as far as games, no. Gamestop has just about phased out all the Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 games in their stores.

How much is a Playstation 3 worth at pawn shop?

Average PS3 Pawn Shop Value (2020) The average PS3 pawn shop value is $87.57, according to our 2020 price data at PawnGuru. The maximum offer made on a PS3 was $250. Since offers were made on PS3’s of all types of conditions, storage capacities and models, the prices in the data varied greatly.

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