Is it possible for Sasuke to die in Naruto?

Is it possible for Sasuke to die in Naruto?

Therefore, Sasuke can die, and his position in the series is no longer as secure as it was in the past. To refocus the attention on the current generation and moderate the power levels, the writers will either seal Naruto or Sasuke or use their deaths as a turning point in the story.

How did all of the Naruto characters die?

Hidan – Died die to lack of nutrition. Kakuzu – Killed by Kakashi Hatake/Naruto Uzumaki. Orochimaru – Killed by Sasuke but gets revived later. Deidara – Blew himself up with C0 in an attempt to kill Sasuke. Manda – Killed by Deidara’s explosion after being used as a shield by Sasuke. Jiraiya – Killed by Pain.

What happens to Sarada and Sasuke in Boruto?

Theory on the death of Sasuke Uchiha from Boruto It speculates that Sarada will die at some point, which will lead to Sasuke using the Samsara of Heavenly Life with his Rinnegan. However, doing so will mean giving up on his own life. Additionally, Sasuke’s death might also provide Sarada the stimulus needed to awaken her Mangekyou Sharingan.

How did White Zetsu die in Naruto Shippuden?

He dies at Sasuke’s hands after Sasuke develops his new eyes. These eyes allow him to create a blade out of the flames of Amaterasu, and White Zetsu is impaled on it. He essentially dies as an experiment to see if the eyes work, which is not a happy ending for the character. 9 Mabui: Hit By The Tailed Beast Ball You may like this How old is Sasuke right now?

Does Naruto or Sasuke die in Boruto?

Naruto does die but not in the show “Naruto”, he will die in the new movie “Boruto” (Naruto’s son) right after Sasuke dies protecting him. And yes Naruto becomes Hokage before that but after getting one-shot by his own daughter (so young too)!

Does Naruto die in the manga?

If you are following the Boruto series then you must have to know that the Boruto manga has shown that Naruto Uzumaki has died. And, Kawaki has killed the 7 th Hokage. Naruto Death news created a stir over the internet. Believe it or not, Naruto is probably dead in the Boruto manga series.

How old is Naruto in the Boruto anime?

Naruto is most likely between the ages 32–34. In the movie, “The Last” Naruto is 18 or 19, and this movie takes place 1 year after the events of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Boruto takes place 14–15 years after the end of Shippuden, that would put Naruto’s current age (During Boruto) at approximately 33 years old.

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