Is Tidus alive at the end of FFX?

Is Tidus alive at the end of FFX?

Because he is dead. Tidus is a dream of the fayth (basically like an Aeon), at the end of Final Fantasy X the party defeats Sin and Yuna performs a sending that sends Auron and the fayth to the Farplane.

Can you continue Ffx after sin?

The furthest you can go is pretty far inside sin. The last save sphere, which also can teleport you to the airship and you can do everything normally is just before this tower falls.

How did the Fayth bring Tidus back?

Yuna in FFX-2 defeated all the Aeon’s again releasing their spirits to be free to rest, the Fayth being so thankful and seeing she still missed Tidus (the reason why you have to listen for him whistling when he does and press x accordingly) they decided to dream him back so they could be together.

Can you go back after beating sin?

User Info: Extreme_light. Yes. Actually you don’t even have to worry about missing anything, the last save point is right before the point of no return. You may like this What do Furby Party Rockers do?

Is Tidus really back?

Depending on the player’s development during the game, the fayth will appear to Yuna at the end and tell her that they can make Tidus return to her. He then appears in Spira, and he and Yuna are reunited.

Does Ffx end?

The ending cinematic shows Yuna sending off Auron, each of her aeons, and Sin to the Farplane. Tidus makes a heartfelt goodbye before disappearing into the Farplane to join the spirits of Auron, Braska, and Jecht.

Is Lady Yunalesca the final boss?

Plot-wise, nothing suggests that Yunalesca is the final boss. Yes, she does have three forms, but that doesn’t make her the final boss. Actually, the final boss has four forms, so that tops Yunalesca :D. Anyway, if you remembered more knowledge of the plot, you’d know who it is.

How much HP does sin have?

Sin will now have only about 60,000 HP left. When he gets close enough, use Auron’s Armor and Mental Breaks on him and Tidus use Quick Hit. Attack as normal afterwards. Defeat Sin before it uses it’s Giga-Graviton Overdrive attack, otherwise it’s a instant game over.

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