What characters can you get from a gold pack in injustice?

What characters can you get from a gold pack in injustice?


  • Bane/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  • Batman/Insurgency (85.50% chance of dropping)
  • Batman/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  • Black Adam/Regime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  • Cyborg/Teen Titans (85.50% chance of dropping)
  • Doomsday/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  • Lex Luthor/Krypto (85.50% chance of dropping)

What’s in the most wanted pack injustice?

Most Wanted Pack

  • Batgirl/Arkham Knight (8.00% chance)
  • Batman/Prime.
  • Batman/Arkham Origins.
  • Cyborg/Teen Titans.
  • Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight.
  • Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz Rebirth (8.00% chance)
  • Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night (8.00% chance)
  • Raven/Teen Titans (8.00% chance)

How do you get gold characters in injustice gods among us?

So using your new gold, start farming battles for more credits and promoting that gold – at some point buy another gold, either from a booster pack or pick one. Then you can farm twice as hard without paying for energy.

How do you promote a character in Injustice?

Promoting or Eliting is one of the four ways to permanently increase a character’s Damage and Health, other than leveling up, applying augments, or buying support cards; and it can be found either by clicking on the Character’s card itself, or by clicking on the Store and/or the Sell menu. You may like this How do you promote a store opening?

What is breakthrough injustice?

Breakthrough or Breakthrough Event is a game mode introduced in the 2.13 Update. It allows for a Promotion up to Elite X and level up to 60. Internet connection is required.

How do you get the Batman laugh in injustice?

Currently, he cannot be unlocked and can only be obtained through the Nth Metal Pack, the Nth Metal Pro Pack, and the Nth Metal Ultimate Pack which can only be bought by using the new currency, Nth Metal, obtained from the new game mode, Phantom Zone and from Online Battles as of update 3.1.

How do you get metal characters in injustice?

To evolve them, a Metal character must be at least Elite III and have both their Special Attacks and Super Move damage maxed out. Extra copies of Metal characters can be sold for 240 Nth Metal, implying a “value” of 800 Nth Metal, which coincides with the cost of an Nth Metal Ultimate Pack.

What is dark power in injustice?

Dark Power is an advanced mechanic only for Metal tier characters. Dark Power becomes accessible when they reach Elite III and are evolved with additional 250,000 Power Credits and 250 Nth Metal. This also allows you to upgrade Metal characters’ passives up to 5 times.

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