Who killed Thomas Wayne in Joker 2019?

Who killed Thomas Wayne in Joker 2019?

Jack Napier

Why did Joker kill Batmans parents?

In the Tim Burton movie (1989) the Joker killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, because movie makers always want to tie the origins of heroes and villains together.

Why is Heath Ledger’s Joker so good?

He translates the chaos of his mind into the psyche of others and manipulates them into becoming the very evil they fight to destroy. He is a villain that keeps you coming back for more. As terrifying as he is fascinating, Ledger’s Joker captivated audiences in a way no other villain ever has.

Why did Joker paint his tongue?

It’s mental makeup. It’s also quite in line with how much time the film devotes to showing Fleck actually putting on makeup, and how literally painting his face (and tongue, gross) is the sign that he’s become Joker rather than simply Arthur Fleck. You may like this How do you get the bandana climber in Botw?

Why was Joker so controversial?

Todd Phillips’ Joker (2019) sparked considerable controversy leading up to its release. Joker deals with many thematically disturbing elements — mental health, political violence, and an “incel”-like protagonist. Despite these concerns surrounding the Joker movie controversy, the movie did not inspire violence.

What is the moral of Joker movie?

LEARN TO FORGIVE AND IGNORE AND DON’T BE LIKE THE JOKER Arthur never learned to forgive and held grudges. He ultimately killed some people to take his personal revenge that eventually destroyed all the success he had achieved. The lesson here is, to forgive others and don’t take revenge.

Does Joker ever lie?

Yes he lied to Batman and he also lied to Harvey about not having a plan.

Did the Joker know who Batman?

The Joker’s primary goal in TDK is invalidating the idea that Batman represents rather than killing the man in the suit himself. That’s why he keeps trying to get Batman to break his one rule; it would invalidate the ideal Batman represents. Not only does Joker not know who Batman is, he doesn’t want to know either.

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