Why is inbetweeners getting taken down?

Why is inbetweeners getting taken down?

Clips from The Inbetweeners have been pulled from YouTube due to a rights issue. Fans on Twitter have been expressing their disappointment at the content being removed, with some suggesting that it was related to a recent spate of TV shows being removed from streaming services due to racial insensitivity.

Is inbetweeners on BritBox?

BritBox – The Inbetweeners Movie. BritBox – streaming the biggest collection of British boxsets, all in one place.

Is The Inbetweeners Movie on all 4?

The Inbetweeners Movie – On Demand – All 4.

What happened to Will’s girlfriend Inbetweeners?

It is mentioned that Alison had dumped Will in the second film as she is not seen for mentioned by name. However she is mentioned in a deleted scene and blocks Will on Facebook. (EX-BOYFRIEND) – REASON FOR BREAKUP: Unknown (possibly from his Outbursts or Sex Performance).

Why was the Inbetweeners reunion so bad?

It does seem that the core cast had little input with regard to the production of this reunion show, with James Buckley being quick to apologise to fans on Twitter about the whole affair. The format was the main issue, as it simply reduced the programme to banal anecdotes and jovial back slapping.

Why did the inbetweeners UK get Cancelled?

The series ran for one season from 20 August to 5 November 2012, before being cancelled by MTV due to low ratings.

Will there be an Inbetweeners reunion?

The Inbetweeners writers have teased a reunion as they admit they can’t imagine not working with the cast again. ‘We’ve written and shot two new series [of The Inbetweeners] and a film. We just didn’t mention it before.

When was the Inbetweeners reunion?

When is the Inbetweeners reunion on TV? Fwends Reunited will be on Channel 4 at 9pm on New Year’s Day (1 January).

Is there an Inbetweeners special?

However, fans took to social media to complain on New Year’s Day while watching The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited – a special two hour show which celebrated everything about the hit coming-of-age series. …

Is there an Inbetweeners Christmas special?

The Inbetweeners is certainly one that will get fans excited, as the hilarious actors Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison reunite for a two-hour long special to celebrate ten years of teen comedy gold. “The Inbetweeners reunion is gonny be class,” commented one fan.

What channel is Inbetweeners reunion?

Channel 4

What channel is the Inbetweeners on today?

The Inbetweeners 10 year special is set to air on Channel 4. It airs tonight (New Year’s Day) at 9pm on Channel 4.

What channel is inbetweeners on tonight?

Channel 4

What episode is friend Inbetweeners?

Series 1, Episode 4. Will pulls the most popular girl in the year above. However he becomes so obsessed with her that he ends up alienating his hard won new friends.

Will Inbetweeners and Charlotte?

Relationship History. The most popular girl in the year, Charlotte Hinchcliffe went with Will from what appeared to be a dare. She was previously with Mark Donovan, but the two split up. Will and Charlotte attempt to have sex, but the two have to stop as Will doesn’t know what he’s doing.

How old is Hannah fields Inbetweeners?

Holly Peplow is a British actress who is best known for playing the role of Hannah Fields on ‘The Inbetweeners’. Born on , 2000, Holly hails from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. As in 2021, Holly Peplow’s age is 21 years.


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