Is geometry dash dying?

Is geometry dash dying?

Gd isn’t dying. Just because your friend group has moved on from the game doesn’t mean that everyone else has. The game gets waves of players. Every time old players leave, tons of new players from a younger audience join.

Can you get banned from geometry dash?

you get banned. thats what happens. you will get removed from leaderboards, cant upload levels, cant see leaderboards, levels may get deleted. Cant download levels/check featured/search for levels.

Is Mega hack v6 safe?

Is Mega Hack Pro Safe? Yes, it is completely safe, though be weary that some antivirus software may falsely-flag Mega Hack Pro as malicious, This is because Mega Hack Pro modifies Geometry Dash files to load itself on game launch, which is seen as suspicious by some antivirus software.

Is Silent Clubstep impossible?

Silent Clubstep is a 1.8/1.9 former impossible level created and verified through hacks by Sailent. It is one of the most famous levels in Geometry Dash history, thanks to the old version of it being deemed by most as likely humanly impossible. You may like this Is Tranquility positive or negative?

Is silent circles possible?

Silent Circles is an impossible 2.0 collaboration level created by Cyrillic and Sailent. It is one of the most popular impossible levels, if not the most popular, on par with Silent Clubstep….

Silent Circles
Level ID12169905
Level version2
Last updated in2.0

How hard is sonic wave?

Sonic Wave is considered to be one of the hardest possible levels in Geometry Dash ever created, and the hardest possible Nine Circles level. It’s much harder than Bloodbath, Athanatos and Sakupen Hell due to its extremely tight spaces, crucial timings and clumsy passages.

Is Sonic wave harder than bloodbath?

He said that Sonic Wave is significantly harder than Bloodbath, which is today a commonly known fact, due to the important gap between their places on the Geometry Dash Demonlist.

Is Orochi harder than Tartarus?

It is harder than Tartarus, and will most likely be one of the hardest demons in the game when it is verified.

Whats harder Tartarus or the Golden?

This is due to the fact that many victors around this time (i.e Mycrafted) had stated that Tartarus was the harder level, mainly because of Tartarus’ “fixed hitboxes” straight fly segments at 31% and 45%. The Golden was #1 for 105 days. You may like this What do you call someone who loves fireworks?

Is geometry dash the hardest game in the world?

Yes, Geometry Dash is an extremely difficult game for everyone. About 5 years ago, a level was released called Bloodbath. Bloodbath took its verifier Riot 22,000 attempts to beat. The current hardest level is Tartarus, which was released one year ago.

Who is the owner of RobTop games?

Robert Topala

How many people are in RobTop games?

3 people

Which geometry dash is the best?

Best geometry dash game?

  • 133. 91.1% Geometry Dash.
  • 0.0% Geometry Dash Meltdown.
  • 6.2% Geometry Dash Sub-Zero.
  • 2.7% Geometry Dash World.

Who made geometry dash?

RobTop Games

YouTube video

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