Is GW2 better than WoW?

Is GW2 better than WoW?

WoW has more content at endgame but GW2 has superior combat by a long shot, especially if you intend to play a caster or PvP. If you enjoy PvP and WvW (Large scale sieges in Gw2) then you should be fine playing Gw2. If you want PvE a lot then go WoW. If you don’t know, Both WoW and GW2 has a free trial.

How big is GW2?

55 GB

Should I play Guild Wars 2?

Short answer: YES! Long answer: YEEEEEES! It’s no secret that we are big fans of Guild Wars 2. But there are good reasons why: GW2 is an amazing MMO with a ton of content, an attentive and thoughtful publisher, and one of the best player communities around.

Is it worth coming back to World of Warcraft?

even though the game seems to keep getting worse its still unfortunately far better than any other MMO. so yeah its worth it. Honestly would not recommend, the core gameplay is still fine, but this game is a timesink like no other. To actually make meaningful progress you have to complete weekly “chores”. You may like this Can a move Relearner teach egg moves?

Do WoW characters get deleted?

No, they don’t delete inactive characters. The character you’re posting from is on Ravencrest. Have you logged completely into the character selection for that realm? They won’t show on the realm selection screen after being gone for so long.

How safe is buying WoW gold?

Where can I buy WoW gold safely? Believe us – the only legal and safest source is to buy gold WoW from Blizz in a token form (they can’t be bought in Classic). Still, you can also use trusted third parties such as IGVault limited or others with high ratings.

How long until a WoW account is deleted?

Characters between level 10 and level 29 are gone for good after 90 days, while characters between levels 30 and 49 disappear after 120 days. Any character level 50 or above (with the aforementioned Death Knight exception) can be undeleted at any time.

Did Blizzard delete accounts?

We don’t delete Blizzard accounts for inactivity unless they are completely empty, and it’s been years since it was last used. It may be the case that you are using the wrong email, or worse yet, that someone gained access to the account and changed the email.

Does Cancelling WoW delete characters?

Blizzard will not delete your characters if you cancel your subscription. Your account will go into a frozen state until you reinstate your game subscription OR utilize a game token / Game time card to reactivate your account. You may like this How do I get free Optifine Cape?

Why are WoW characters gone?

If you’ve returned to World of Warcraft after a long absence, you may need to refresh your character stats. To do so: Select the realm your characters were on, on the character select screen. Create a new character on that realm to refresh your character list.

Does the WoW armory still exist?

As of July 11, 2018, we will no longer be supporting the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app. But this isn’t the end of the road, as we’re continuing to develop and improve our mobile offering for World of Warcraft.

How do I find my WoW characters?

At the client game tab, Account dropdown you can select which one to login to and then select your realm and see your characters.

Why can’ti see my character on Armory?

You May Have Left the Game for Too Long Enter the game with whichever character that wasn’t showing. Ensure that you stay logged in the game for at least 10-15 minutes. Properly log out, and then exit the game. Check the Armory as the data should now be refreshed inside the database.

How often is wow armory updated?

Armory information is stored on Blizzards servers, there is nothing you can really do. Got to wait OP, It’s the only thing you can do. Usually it will update after every logout.

How long does Wow Armory take to update?

Normally it’s within an hour or 2.

What is new on WoW?

WoW: Shadowlands introduces several new zones. Four of them will be leveling zones that players will journey through in a set order. There is also a new central player hub, called Oribos, and a max-level endgame zone called The Maw. Here’s a quick overview of each leveling zone.

How do I recover my old WoW account?

The following information can be used to help locate an account:

  1. The CD key from a physical copy of World of Warcraft or any expansion.
  2. World of Warcraft characters, including name and associated realm for each.
  3. First and last name of the account owner.
  4. Any email addresses that may have been used on the account.

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