Should you tell waking cloud?

Should you tell waking cloud?

Tell Waking Cloud the bad news, which will result in her being angry with Daniel. Lie to Waking Cloud, which will result in Karma loss. Promise Daniel not to tell, which won’t change anything and render the quest impossible to complete.

Can you loot salt-upon-wounds?

It can also be looted from Salt-Upon-Wounds.

Can you side with the white legs?

No, you can’t. There are only three options in HH. Evacuate the Sorrows from Zion, have the Sorrows help the Dead Horses eliminate the White Legs, and to kill everyone.

Can you talk to salt-upon-wounds?

If the Courier has the Sneering Imperialist perk, there are extra options referring to Salt-Upon-Wounds as “General Gobbledegook.” One is to mock him, the other to tell Joshua Graham to “put a cap in General Gobbledigook.” With a Speech skill of 90, the Courier can ask Graham to spare him, after which he will run away. You may like this Do GameShark codes work on Action Replay?

How do I get to three Marys cavern?

The Three Marys caverns are located along the river past the Three Marys map marker, in the first area with three large rocks, and consist of a cave with two entrances. The first entrance is on a ledge on the southern bank of the river, but can be accessed from the northern bank via a rock bridge.

Where can I find Joshua Graham?

Joshua Graham

Biography and appearance
RoleMormon missionary (formerly) Co-founder and military commander of Caesar’s Legion Dead Horses war chief Temporary companion
RankLegion Legate (formerly) War chief for the Dead Horses
LocationAngel Cave Sorrows Camp
Dialogue FileJoshua Graham’s dialogue

Can you get Joshua Graham as a follower?

Companion. As a follower, Joshua will refuse to open his inventory or wait and he will neglect the Courier’s requests to talk with him. Joshua Graham can repair equipment to 100% condition.

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