What Berry reduces super effective?

What Berry reduces super effective?

Chople Berry

What Berry reduces ice damage?


What Berry reduces ghost damage?

Becoming Familiar with Berries

Berry NameDescription
ChartiReduces damage from a super effective Rock attack by 50%.
KasibReduces damage from a super effective Ghost attack by 50%.
HabanReduces damage from a super effective Dragon attack by 50%.
ColburReduces damage from a super effective Dark attack by 50%.

Where do you get the Babiri Berry sword?

You can get Babiri Berry by shaking Berry trees found in Wild Areas and Routes.

How do I get leppa berries?

From the Psychic in the house next to the Gym in Shalour City, in exchange for a Sitrus Berry. From the Leppa Berry tree on Route 15 once a week.

Where is the berry master in Pokemon Diamond?

Location of Route 208 in Sinnoh. Route 208 (Japanese: 208ばんどうろ Route 208) is a route in central Sinnoh, connecting Hearthome City with Mt….Berry Master’s house.

Berry Master’s wife
Stable Mulch 200Gooey Mulch 200

Where can I find leppa berries in Ruby?


Lilycove City [Man to the north-east of the city]
Route 1032
Route 1042

Where do you get leppa berries in Oras?

Medicinal Berries

LeppaRoute 103 Route 110 Route 123Restores 10 PP of one move.
LumCures all Status Conditions.
OranRoute 102 Route 104Restores 10 HP to one Pokemon.
PechaRoute 102 Route 104 Route 120Cures the Poisoned condition on one Pokemon.

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