What level should I be in Pokemon Platinum?

What level should I be in Pokemon Platinum?

I suggest levelling up your Pokemon to Level 55 (or level 50 if you want a bit of a challenge), since the champion uses Level 58s, 60s, and one 62.

Where is the 8th gym leader?

The Snowbelle City Gym is the eighth and final Gym in the Kalos Pokemon League. The Gym leader is Wulfric, and the entire Gym uses Ice-type Pokemon.

Does Ash beat the Snowbelle gym?

With the help of the perfected Ash-Greninja, Ash was able to defeat Wulfric this time around, earning him his eighth and final Kalos League Badge. Like the other Ice-type Gyms in the anime, the Snowbelle Gym has a battlefield covered in slippery ice.

How do you beat the Dragon Gym?

Recommended counters against Raihan Raihan’s dragon-types are weak against dragon-, fairy-, and ice-types, with a couple of exceptions. For Gigalith and Sandaconda, you can use water- and grass-types to knock them down.

What level is Raihans?

Recommended Level: 46 – 48 Ideally, you would level your Pokemon to level 48 to make quick work of Raihan’s team!

Is Piers A Boy Pokemon?

Piers is a slim, tired-looking young man with pallid skin.

What Pokemon does Raihan Gigantamax?


What level should LEON be at?

Leon’s Pokemon are between Level 62 and 65. So it’s recommended that you level your Pokemon to at least 65 yourself and have some Pokemon at Level 70 or so.

Is Alistair a boy or girl Pokemon?

Appearance. Allister is a young boy with pale skin and purple eyes. His black hair is fairly short, but with a few long strands in the front and a long curved cowlick at the back.

Who is the youngest Pokemon gym leader?

Pokemon: Youngest Gym Leaders, Ranked By Age

  1. 1 Allister: Unknown, But Very Young. Allister is a new face to the ever-increasing roaster of Gym Leaders in the Pokemon world.
  2. 2 Tate And Liza: About 10-Years-Old.
  3. 3 Maylene: 11-Years-Old.
  4. 4 Iris: 12-Years-Old.
  5. 5 Janine: 10 To 12-Years-Old.
  6. 6 Roxie: 13-Years-Old.
  7. 7 Bugsy: 14-Years-Old.
  8. 8 Candice: 13 To 15-Years-Old.

Is Allister Bea’s brother?

According to Wikipedia they are brother and sister. Here’s the link: Bea is meant to be older.

Is Allister dead Pokemon?

He is rarely seen around in public, preferring to spend most this time alone in ruins and cemeteries. According to Allister, he claims to have the ability to see deceased Ghost-type Pokémon after a supposed accident at the age of four….Ghost.


How old is Milo Pokemon?

9 His Age. Not much is said about Milo’s age, so it’s to the players to guess it. Trainers begin their Pokémon journeys when they’re ten years old, and there are Gym Leaders as young as ten years old, like Hoenn’s Psychic duo, Tate and Liza. Galar’s own Alister is also on the young side, probably younger than ten.

Who is Saito in Pokemon?

Naoki Saito (Japanese: 齋藤直葵) is a digital illustrator who has provided art for the Pokémon Trading Card Game since the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion, as well as art for a couple of Pokémon games. Saito is a graduate of Tama Art University and previously worked at Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Does Ash beat Leon?

Although Ash has already lost to Leon in their first battle, it’s clear that he has not forgotten about his end goal for this series. When Leon and Raihan congratulate one another after a fierce battle, Ash interrupts them with the declaration that he will be the one to defeat Leon in the end.

Is Bea Black?

Bea is a slender, fit young girl with black skin, gray eyes, and gray hair cut into a bob.

Does ash or BEA win?

Ash challenged Bea to a World Coronation Series battle. Bea used Grapploct and Hawlucha, while Ash used Riolu and Farfetch’d. However, both of her Pokémon were undefeated and Bea was victorious.

Does Ash’s riolu evolve?

Ash received an egg from Nurse Joy that did not hatch that came from Sinnoh and eventually did hatch the night Ash received it. Riolu then hatched from the egg and eventually evolved into a Lucario.

Why is Ash so bad in Pokemon journeys?

Ash sucks in every season after Sinnoh because they don’t do anything with his character. Everything that could be done has been done. Unova Ash didn’t work because while he has a ton of flaws, he never works past those flaws in his journey. Kalos Ash sucks because he spends the majority of his journey winning.

Does Goh catch zapdos?

Goh is determined to catch Zapdos and reveals that he has his Flygon on hand to help. Ash, however, argues that he will be the first to battle Zapdos, sparking a heated exchange between him and Goh.

Does Ash ever catch Mew?

Ash’s Mew was the first Pokémon that Ash caught after Team Rocket’s defeat. …

Does Goh catch Eternatus?

Once it was weakened enough, Goh managed to catch Eternatus, who was later sealed away to prevent its power from causing more harm to Galar. With he crisis over, Goh and Ash returned to the Slumbering Weald, where they returned the Rusted Shield and Sword and thanked Zamazenta and Zacian for their assistance.

Will u catch Mew?

Mew won’t even run so you have zero chances of failing this. Just throw a ball at Mew and eventually it will stick. You’ll get 4000XP for the catch, 10,000 stardust, 1 super incubator and 20 Mew candy.

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