What torment level do set items drop?

What torment level do set items drop?

Torment Required Class Item Sets can only drop on Torment 1 and higher, at level 60 and higher. New level 70 legendary and set items in Reaper of Souls only drop on Torment 1 and higher. Legendary item drop rates get a special boost in Nephalem Rifts on Torment 1 and higher.

Can you drop greater rift keys?

A Greater Rift Keystone (GRK) is required to open a Greater Rift when applied to a Nephalem Obelisk. They drop from Rift Guardians in normal Nephalem Rifts. On higher difficulties, two or even three Keystones may drop at once.

How does the legendary drop rate work in Rifts?

There is a bonus to your legendary drop rate inside Rifts that adds up with the base drop rate from increasing difficulties, making Rifts more efficient at obtaining legendary and set items than Bounties. The legendary drop rate inside Rifts scales as such: 1760% on Torment XVI.

What’s the difference between torment and Greater Rifts?

Greater Rifts offer far more incremental difficulty levels than the normal game. Greater Rifts start at Rank 1, equivalent to Easy mode, and increase infinitely, with the monster hit points, damage, experience value, etc, scaling up by a set amount per GR level. Torment 1 = GR10, Torment 6 = GR25, and Torment 10 = GR45. You may like this How high can the average person jump?

How do you get legendary gems in Greater Rift?

Greater Rifts require Rift Keys to enter, which can only be dropped by Guardians in regular Rifts. Legendary Gems are only dropped by Greater Rift Guardians, and can only be upgraded via Urshi when a Grift is finished in under 15 minutes.

Are there any destructibles in the Greater Rifts?

Grifts however have higher monster density, and there are no item or gold drops, no chests, and very few destructibles. Greater Rifts are all about killing speed and tactics, without item drops or gold to distract players. Elite enemies do not drop items, but do drop several purple Progress Orbs, which are worth about 1% completion when picked up.

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