How do you beat time travel on Poptropica?

How do you beat time travel on Poptropica?

Go to Timbuktu Inn on the right.

  1. Jump over the snake on the right.
  2. Jump onto the ledge made of logs.
  3. Jump onto a similar one above it.
  4. Jump on top of the tall rock structure on the right.
  5. Jump to the right of the tall rock formation.
  6. Jump down from the rock formation and to the right.

Where is the notebook in time tangled?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebook can be found in the 1882 AD time period of Time Tangled Island. To get it, go to the very left, where you will see a man next to a box and a barrel.

What to do on time tangled Island Poptropica?

Time Tangled Island. This is one of the more complicated islands, and also a very fun one. In Time Tangled, you must reverse the damage done by Pendulum, whose time machine malfunctions and destroys the future while he is on vacation.

How do you get to 11 o’clock on Poptropica?

It appears on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Open the time travel device. It’s the device that resembles a golden pocket watch in the lower-left corner. Click it to open the time travel device. Select the icon of a man wearing a blue hood and goggles. He’s in the 11 o’clock position. You may like this Does mystery island exist?

How many islands are there in Poptropica at one time?

At one time there were more than 35 islands in Poptropica! The Poptropica Creators had to make the difficult decision to turn off some of the islands as they transitioned the technology of the game from outdated Flash to a new platform so everyone could continue to play worldwide.

How to fix time period on Poptropica Island?

Go left and talk to the guard near the long set of steps. With your warrior headdress on, he will give you Goggles. Open up your time device again, and go back to Mount Everest, 1953. Go back to Edmund Hillary, the man in the blue coat you met on Mount Everest (see instructions above). Give him the goggles, and the time period will be repaired!

How do you travel through time in Poptropica?

Ask this person for help in repairing the past, and you’ll be handed a Time Device to allow you to travel through time. You can use it by by clicking on the time device icon now located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

How does time tangled Island work in Poptropica?

Share ! Time-Tangled Island is a really fun adventure on Poptropica. The basic idea is to travel to different periods of time and “fix” the future by finding different objects that have been lost and then placed in the wrong time period. You begin in the future and then can travel to different time periods using a special time travel device.

How to activate the time machine in Poptropica?

Go right. Once you reach Pendulum’s Lab (with the distressed lady in front), go in and right again. Talk to the people there, and they will tell you WHAT the problem is with this town. Then go downstairs and push the switch all the way right to activate the time machine. Now jump back up and travel to the future (just hop into the machine.) You may like this What happens when you put a bag of holding into a bag of holding?

Which is the first island in Poptropica to feature sound?

Time Tangled Island is the first Poptropica island to feature sound (when you play the Phonograph). You get to travel back in time and see people from as far back as 0328 BC on this island. In Early Poptropica Island it is said that the Pilgrims , who were the first to settle in Poptropica, only settled in 1982, making this a continuity error.

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